Gaza rocket hits Israel, Eshkol council head calls for response


The Israeli army reported that a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel, no casualties or damage were apparent.

The Israeli army’s spokesman announced: “A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit Eshkol area in southern Israel”. He added that the last rocket incident was on 16 September.

The spokesman did not reveal how Israel would respond to the attack, which took place with a ceasefire in effect, following Operation Protective Edge, an Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip that lasted for 50 days.

No one claimed responsibility for the incident on the Palestinian side.

Meanwhile, The Times of Israel reported that head of Eshkol’s regional council, Haim Yellin, called on the IDF to respond “forcefully” to the attack, to deter more threats from the Palestinian side.

“The military achievements of Operation Protective Edge are disappearing, and there is no political strategy to assure a real quiet for the residents of the south and of the state of Israel” Yellin said.

“The hourglass has already been turned ahead of the next war,” Yellin added. “Today it is Eshkol, tomorrow Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and so the military and political response must be in accordance [with the threat].”

Ceasefire talks were set to resume in Cairo recently between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, however they were indefinitely postponed after an attack in the Sinai peninsula claimed the lives of at least 30 Egyptian soldiers.