How to make use of small spaces‏ in your flat


For various reasons, more and more young couples have been moving into smaller homes. Whether motivated by prices, which have skyrocketed in recent years, or because of convenience – namely avoiding living in high maintenance houses – a number of newly weds have been buying or renting apartments that are more on the cozy side.

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Living in a small apartment doesn’t necessarily correlate with feeling constricted or cooped up. It all depends on how you furnish your home. Here are some tips on utilising small spaces in the best way possible:

1. Use a fold out table in the kitchen, which can be pulled out when needed and folded up against the wall when not in use to clear up floor space.

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2. Have a wooden platform built in the corner of your bedroom where your bed will go. This will allow you to compartmentalise your room and also utilise the space under the bed by building in pull-out drawers for storage. Place your bed on top of the platform and enjoy the extra space.

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3. Use your desk as either a bedside table or put it at the foot of your bed, in place of a footboard.

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4. Buy or custom-make a bed that has a built-in bookshelf at the bottom. That way you can have all your books organized, even if you don’t have space for a large bookshelf.

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5. Build shelves in the corners of rooms for maximum space utilisation.

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6. Knock down a few walls in your apartment (as long as they don’t affect the infrastructure of course). A couple of bigger rooms that have more use than one are much better than tiny rooms that serve only one purpose.

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7. Use glass walls instead of regular ones to make spaces appear larger and more visually appealing.

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8. Hang mirrors all around, they reflect light and make rooms appear much larger! You can also use a mirror-top coffee table instead of a wooden one, and install a kitchen island that has reflective surfaces.

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9. Use curtains instead of doors or walls to separate two rooms or divide one large room.

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10. Place small appliances, such as a kettle or a toaster, on retractable drawers in a kitchen closet to clear surface space.

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11. Use vertical spaces for storage. Floor to ceiling shelves can be built in the living room to store books or in the kitchen to store dishes and other objects.

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No matter the number of square metres in your home, with the right tools it can feel and look very spacious. Don’t overlook corners, the spaces under stairs or behind doors. Each centimetre in your home can be made use of as long as you think outside of the box.