Iraqi Yazidi MP tearfully pleas ‘my people are being exterminated’


Thousands upon thousands of ethnic minorities of men, women and children are being slaughtered on a daily basis as the black flag of the Islamic State looms over Iraqi lands. Pin-point targeting of Christian and Yazidi minorities, not to mention the Shiite majority, is considered a “duty of Jihad” by the Islamic State to establish the so-called “New Islamic Caliphate,” as the international community scrolls through its Facebook news feed.

One Iraqi Yazidi Member of Parliament, Vian Dakhil, collapsed after a tearful and vehement speech on Wednesday, calling upon the Iraqi government and international community to aid her people.

‘‘Our women are being used as concubines and sold in slave markets. Please save us, save us,’’ she pleaded.

She tearfully added, “an entire religion is being exterminated from the face of the earth. Brothers, I appeal to you for the sake of humanity, save us.”

The grief-stricken plea comes in light of the recent news reports circulating, telling of massacres committed across northern Iraq. Secretary-general of the ministry of the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Jabbar Yawar, related to Reuters that 50,000 Iraqi Yazidis fled the attacks of Islamist militants and sought refuge atop Mount Sinjar. They all risk starvation and dehydration if not rescued in 24 hours.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces had managed over nearly two months to thwart the repeated attempts of Sunni extremists in the region. However, last weekend Kurdish fighters suffered their first setbacks in the Sinjar region, prompting thousands of civilians to flee.

Considered apostates by the Islamic State and deemed ‘devil-worshippers’ by Saddam Hussein and his allies, an estimated 10,000 to 40,000 of them sought refuge on the mountaintops in fear of extremist rebels who ordered them to convert or face the ‘headless’ fate of their fallen brothers.