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For months we have been asking how much pressure is on the hosts Brazil in this World Cup.

We just found out. Too much.

Way, way too much.

In one of the most incredible results ever, Germany destroyed Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, eliminating the hosts in humiliating and historic fashion.

It was the biggest semi-final loss in World Cup history, and the biggest humiliation in Brazilian football.

It was as well the most shocking meltdown in World Cup history.Germany scored in the 11th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 29th, 69th, and 79th minutes – four goals in six minutes, the worst six minutes in Brazilian football history.

Brazil only made it 7-1 in the 90th minute, a complete and utter collapse by the hosts. After the first goal — scored by the unmarked Thomas Muller in the 11th minute — the Brazilians simply stopped playing, allowing the deluge to start. There were just 179 seconds between Germany’s second and fourth goals.

The worst defeat in World Cup semi-final history.

As good as the Germans were, you don’t score five goals in 30 minutes, or four goals in six minutes, or seven goals in 90 minutes, without the other team folding.

Germany were 5-0 up faster than any other team in World Cup history (29 minutes).

By the half it was 5-0, one of the most remarkable halves of football any World Cup has seen. Germany scored almost every time it attacked.

Muller started it all in the 11th minute, his fifth goal of the World Cup, his 10th goal in World Cups, and it’s the most simple of the lot. Toni Kroos hits an outswinging corner, Dante and David Luiz both miss it and Muller can’t believe his luck, smashing in a side-foot volley from six yards out.

Miroslav Klose got his record 16th goal in World Cups and again they make it look so, so easy. A passing move from the right ends with Kroos laying the ball off into Klose’s path. His first shot is tame and easily saved by Julio Cesar but can only cough it up to Klose, who sweeps in from eight yards in the 22nd minute.

A cross from the right is swung at and missed by Muller, but Kroos hammers in with his left foot from 20 yards.

Straight from kick off – straight away – Fernandinho loses the ball and Germany are in on goal. Kroos plays in Sami Khedira, who unselfishly squares it back to Kroos for a tap-in and it’s 4-0.

Again it’s so easy as Khedira walks through a weak tackle and the defence falls apart, he finds Mesut Ozil on his left, again he just cuts it back and Khedira sweeps home from 12 yards.

5-0 at the half, maybe the most ridiculous half ever witnessed in football.

The defence capitulated as the whole Estadio Mineirao stadium is in silence and in shock.

Muller scored first and Germany never looked back (photo: ar.fifa)

At 69 minutes the boos ring out as Germany try to score for the first time in half an hour – and promptly do. The move down the right comes to Philipp Lahm, he gets his head up and picks out Andre Schurrle in space, eight yards out, and he slots home.

The last of the seven goals was the best. And applause rings out around the Estadio Mineirao as the Brazilian fans just have to accept a wonderful goal from Schurrle. It comes from a quick throw-in, Muller flicks the ball in form the left to find Schurrle, and he cracks a rising shot in at the near post, the ball kissing the underside of the crossbar and in.

Brazil finally got one. And Germany was furious, which sums up their professionalism.

It’s a soft one too as Oscar gets in through the middle, sidesteps the last defender and buries the shot.

But the celebrations were almost apologetic. And the Brazilian fans were applauding Germany. They know good football when they see it.

Internet blogs came fast and furious, a sample of which is provided below:

“Germany just wrecked the career of 23 Brazilians. How will they ever think of football again without having nightmares?

“Turns out training and ability are more important than shouting a national anthem whilst crying.

“The one saving grace for Brazil fans is that at least it’s not Lionel Messi and Argentina which handed out the humiliation.

“Has a manager ever resigned at half-time of a World Cup semi-final?

“The Brazilian players might never recover from this. Some players will not be back to wear the Brazilian shirt.

“This Brazil side will need some deep, intensive psycho-analysis.

“Germany in this game scored two more goals than England did in its last two World Cups.

“Thiago Silva and Neymar were disappointed not to have played, but part of them must have thought ‘I am so glad I didn’t play’.”

“I’m not normally one for advocating booing sides off. But I think that was justified.

“The only person wearing yellow tomorrow will be the leader of the Tour de France.

“And I thought that penalties was the cruellest way to lose a match.

“Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said the other day that his critics “can go to hell”. He will find he has roughly 200 million of them.

“Holland and Argentina must be looking at this and will be thinking ‘wow’.”

There has never been a game like this. It was utter humiliation for Brazil which was ripped apart.

As if that loss wasn’t incredible enough, bear in mind that it was Brazil’s first competitive home defeat in 64 matches and more than 38 years.

Brazilians have never been able to forget the defeat of 1950 against Uruguay in the final in the Maracana but this will be worse for these players because this is the biggest humiliation in the history of Brazilian football.

Germany is into Sunday’s final, to play either Holland or Argentina. Brazil is humiliated.

An extraordinary scoreline.