Jimi Jamison died of stroke and methamphetamine abuse


More than two months after the Survivor singer’s death, an autopsy report has revealed that Jimi Jamison died of a hemorrhagic brain stroke with “acute methamphetamine intoxication contributing”.

You may not know the American singer and songwriter Jimi Jamison by name, but you have definitely listened to some of the tracks he has written including the famous soundtracks of ‘Baywatch’ and ‘Rocky IV’.

Jimi Jamison, singer of Survivor died aged 63 (photo: Stallone)

The singer joined Survivor in 1984, two years after the rock band released their biggest hit, ‘The Eye of the Tiger’, known as the theme song of ‘Rocky III’ movie.

After replacing vocalist Dave Bickler, Jamison was responsible for several other hits such as the tune ‘I’m Always Here’ for the TV series ‘Baywatch’ which he co-wrote and sang.

His other successes include ‘High On You’, ‘The Search is Over’ and ‘Burning Heart’ as well as the soundtrack of the ‘Rocky IV’ 1985 movie.

Jamison also had a career as a back-up vocalist for recordings by artists such as ZZ Top and as a member of Target and Cobra.

He left Survivor in 2006 until returning to perform with them five years later.

The Shelby County medical examiner reported, on 11 November, that Jamison died aged 63 at a home in Memphis, on 1 September, from cardiovascular disease and narrowing of the arteries.

Though it had initially been reported that a heart attack was the cause of his death, the final autopsy has revealed that the artist died of a hemorrhagic brain stroke with “acute methamphetamine intoxication contributing”.