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A collection of rare negatives from John and Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding were sold for $34,000 USD to a doctor in Las Vegas on 15 October.

According to RR Auction in Boston, 13 original and “most likely” unpublished negatives from John and Jacqueline’s 1953 wedding were sold to a doctor who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Photos of the Kennedy’s wedding (photo: RR auction)

The Kennedy’s were married on 12 September 1953, at St. Mary’s Church in the well-heeled resort town of Newport, Rhode Island, south of Massachusetts.

At that time, John F. Kennedy was still into his first term as a US senator before serving as the 35th president of the United States in 1961.

The images went up for auction on 26 September with a $200 opening bid and ended on 15 October around 8 pm.

The 3.75 x 5 inch negatives, which were reportedly taken by photographer Frank Ataman, show the Kennedys cutting the wedding cake, leaving the church and the outdoor wedding party.

The Kennedy’s on their wedding day (photo: RR auction)

The Kennedy’s cutting their wedding cake (photo: Anthony Luke Photography)

The Kennedy’s on their wedding day (photo: RR Auction)

The description on the auction website reads: “These images were originally taken by a freelance photographer who had been asked to be a ‘back-up’ photographer for the wedding, and were discovered in his darkroom after his passing. Accompanied by 5 x 4 printouts of each negative, the very first prints that have been made from these negatives. In fine condition,” ABC News reads.

“John and Jacqueline Kennedy were married on September 12, 1953, in Newport, Rhode Island. The entire event was chronicled by Life magazine, which noted ‘their wedding turned out to be the most impressive the old society stronghold had seen in 30 years.’”

Along with the negatives, a collection of Kennedy items were auctioned off yesterday including a White House holiday card that the couple signed just days before the president’s assassination, in 1963. It was sold for $19,500 USD.