Johnny Depp joins Marilyn Manson onstage at Halloween concert


Johnny Depp’s performance on October 31 was a real Halloween treat! The actor surprised the audience of heavy metal singer Marilyn Manson by joining him for a performance of ‘The Beautiful People’.

Marilyn Manson brought a couple of special guests to the stage on his Friday night Halloween concert, including friend Depp on guitar, at the Roxy venue in Hollywood.

(photo: people.premiere)

Rapper Ninja of the South African group Die Antwoord was also invited to take the stage and join the performance, singing with Manson.

Ninja (L) and Depp performing on the same stage at Manson’s concert (photo: consequenceofsoulds)

It is not known by many that the two celebrities are pals and that the actor is a talented guitarist, having performed with Manson before.

In 2012 they worked together in the recording of Manson’s cover of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’, with Depp laying down the guitar.

They also collaborated on the track ‘The Nobodies’ from Depp’s film ‘From Hell’.

The gifted guitarist has also demonstrated his skills performing with Oasis, Shane MacGowan and dropping by an Aerosmith show to perform one song with the band back in July.

He has jammed with the Black Keys, Paul McCartney, joined New Basement Tapes, Willie Nelson and other stars of the music industry marking a prolific year for his music career.

After starring in his latest film ‘Trascendence’, Depp has likely been focusing on practice as performances draw nearer.

Manson’s next album is due to be released in 2015. Can we hope for another surprise appearance of the duo?