KKK raises reward for Ferguson police officer


According to the US-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Missouri chapter of the white supremacist group Klu Klux Klan (KKK) is raising funds to offer a reward to Darren Wilson, the white Ferguson police officer responsible for shooting and killing Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager.

KKK websites have celebrated Wilson, the police officer responsible for the death of Brown, as a hero while deeming the black teenager “a black punk” and “not a good kid”.

According to the SPLC, the white supremacist group is asking for donations of $10 USD and above in order to reward “the cop who did his job against the negro criminal”.

In an email from the KKK to garner support for the reward, the group stated, “We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug. He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90% of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”

The KKK is a white American supremacist organisation formed in the US, following the Civil War, in order to curb the presence of non-white communities in the country. The organisation is known for its violence against black and other non-white communities.

They rose to prominence following attacks on the African American civil rights movement in the US along with lynching non-whites, a typical execution strategy used by the group. The now fragmented group has associated themselves with anti-Semitic, anti-Latino, anti-black and neo-Nazi movements.

The South Carolina chapter of the KKK recently received media attention in the US after leaving bags of candy on the doorsteps of the state’s residents with a note that said, “Save our land, join the Klan.”

Though the organisation is not outlawed in the US, it is largely seen as a terrorist group for its use of extreme violence and rhetoric against non-white communities.