Kleem rugs: The newest trend in interior design


Interior designer Maram Nour Al-Din sought refuge in heritage to add a beauteous look to her interior design creations.

She especially focussed on Siwa’s heritage, itself a manifestation of departure from traditional and standardised interior designs.

Nour Al-Din says Siwa’s nature gave her creations an amalgam of distinctiveness and authenticity. The hand-made nature of the designs, in their good quality, gave the creativities an unconventional tinge.

(photo: thehomepage)

Kleem – a rug woven using the weft and warp technique and a Siwa specialty – was employed by Nour Al-Din in an array of her new designs.

Kleem is a hand made product of the Siwa Oasis. Women of Siwa have continued to make this authentic craft of weaving a possibility throughout the past years.

(photo: elgendycarpets)

Made from sheep wool using handloom, Kleem can be used for a variety of purposes, and not solely as a traditional replacement for carpets, as Nour Al-Din affirms.

She uses Kleem as a cloth to cover and beautify small cushions in the living room as well as to upholster the corners of chairs.

Antique kleem rugs repurposed into kleem pillows (photo: hirshfields)

(photo: startimes)

As for the flamboyant colours used in the making of Kleem, they include red, orange, black, blue and purple. Sometimes, Kleems are tinted using vegetable or natural dyes.

(photo: kenanaonline)

The Kleem base, which is also known as ‘warps’ is adorned with patterned weaving. The patterns come in either circles, triangles, or other geometrical shapes. Other Kleem rugs also carry picturesque nature scenes.

(photo: backstrapweaving)

Kleem rugs ornamented by geometrical shapes can be used as carpets, or to upholster cushions and chairs. As for those that exhibit nature and landscapes, they can be used as replacements to carpets or as art tableaus.

(photo: startimes)

Nour Al-Din says that the use of Kleem rugs in interior design and upholstery goes well with both modern and classic modes of design depending on how they are employed. For example, Kleem rugs can be hung as art tableaus in the drawing room, or used as cloth to adorn cushions and chairs thus suiting modern interiors.