Lavazza Calendar 2015 to highlight Africa


The Italian manufacturer of coffee products has announced its 2015 calendar concept ‘The Earth Defenders’.

Lavazza’s 2015 The Earth Defenders calendar is produced in collaboration with ‘Slow Food’, of which Lavazza has been a sponsor for more than 20 years. The calendar features photographs by renowned American photographer Steve McCurry.

Lavazza announces its 2015 calendar concept – The Earth Defenders – shot by world renowned photographer, Steve McCurry (photo: Comunicaffe)

The twelve pictures “capture the spirit, strength and humanity of the Earth Defenders” who deeply believe in their land and local projects which they firmly protect “with passion and bravery”.

(photo: PRnewswire)

(photo: Torino.repubblica)

Next year’s Lavazza calendar, which draws fully attention to Africa, is a photographic journey through the stories of everyday heroism of the Earth Defenders, men and women who dedicate their devotion to implement agricultural projects, defend their traditions and food communities.

Sustainability and respect for agriculture are the key words of the Earth Defenders portrayed in the calendar who take a stand and call for the safeguard of the African land with the help and joint initiative of Lavazza and Slow Food.

2015 will mark the first time for the calendar to be on sale with proceeds to be entirely donated to the Slow Food project, which aims to create 10,000 food gardens in African schools and villages by the end of 2016.

Carlo Petrini, President and Founder of Slow Food, explained: “There has to be a return to recognizing the value of food and it is no longer admissible and sustainable to consume food recklessly without looking at what lies behind the product,” PR Newswire reads.

“We can no longer tolerate that local communities in Africa are denied their own food sovereignty: we are all Africans and children of the same planet and we all share the same sense of humanity. The Earth Defenders project tells us that we must support Africa and contribute to its renaissance, fully aware and proud of the fact that this is not a commitment to charity, but to restitution.”

The images will be displayed at the international food and wine fair Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2014 in Turin, Italy, from October 23 to 27.

The video below, ‘Dreaming of a Better Africa’, features Edward Mukiibi, Slow Food International Vice President and defender of sustainable agriculture.