Lorde’s ‘Royals’ banned by San Francisco radio stations


San Francisco radio stations have banned Lorde’s hit ‘Royals’ from the airwaves until the Major League Baseball World Series finishes.

Take no offence Lorde, the ban has come from fierce sporting rivalry! Yep, because the single about the Kansas City Royals won’t be broadcast before the American League champions take on the San Francisco Giants on October 21.

Major League Baseball World Series began on October 21 (photo: lastwordonsport)

KFOG and KOIT radio stations tweeted the ban last Friday after a flurry of listeners heard the song on the airwaves and felt it was ruining the city’s build-up to the big event.

“Our listeners told us to do it, so we did it”, KOIT program director Brian Figula said on the station’s website.

The hit song might celebrate the Kansas City Royals, but Tony Lorino of Kansas’ KZPT radio remarked, “We won’t let their anti-Royals spirit ruin this moment.”

”A few angry San Franciscans who don’t have a song called ‘Giants’ won’t rain on our parade.” CBC News reported.

The breakout track might not be a particularly stadium-rousing anthem but Lorde has admitted that the track is actually inspired by the July 1976 issue of National Geographic magazine.

July, 1976 National Geographic Magazine (photo: galegrad)

“I had this image from the National Geographic of this dude [baseman George Brett] just signing baseballs,” Lorde said in an interview with VH1 in 2013.

So the hit won’t return to San Fran airwaves until the seven-game World Series is over.