Mahat chapel of King Mentuhotep II discovered – Al-Tahrir News Network


A limestone chapel, dating back to the eleventh dynasty was discovered in Aarabet Abydos village in Sohag governorate. The chapel contained the engravings of King Mentuhotep II, founder of the Middle Kingdom (2045-1995 BC). The announcement was made by the Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Al-Damati.

The discovery was made during a police raid at the location after reports of illegal excavation by the locals, which was responsible for damaging a local residence due to ground subsidence.

Mahat chapel of Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II discovered in Abydos

Al-Damati explained that the discovery is of great significance due to the rarity of King Mentuhotep II’s possessions in Abydos, especially as the only discoveries in that region have been stone blocks from the Temple of Osiris.

He added that Mentuhotep II’s artefacts confirm the king’s concern to expand his authority over the region, especially in the holy city of Abydos in the name of the god of the afterlife, Osiris Khenti-Amentiu.

Ali Al-Asfar, Director of the Egyptian Antiquities sector stated that the chapel was discovered 150 meters north-east of the temple of Seti I, adding that King Mentuhotep II added an engraving confirming that the chapel was dedicated to Osiris Khenti-Amentiu, who had united with the local god Labydos Khenti-Amentiu at the beginning of the fifth dynasty.

Al-Asfar confirmed that the chapel has been handed to a team of specialists for restoration and to strengthen the engravings after sustaining damage due to sewage leakage at the location.