‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’ leads one of the world’s most ruthless crime gangs


A notorious, beautiful Mexican woman called Claudia Ochoa Felix is reported to have become the new head of the world’s most ruthless hit squad, which is responsible for hundreds of bloody murders and is the deadly Sinaloa drug cartel’s elite killing unit.

The alleged crime lord, known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, has a glamorous millionaire’s lifestyle, but has a huge army of bodyguards to protect her from possible assassins rather than her over-zealous fans.

Los Ántrax is known to the US intelligence as “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organisation”.

After boss Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, known as ‘El Chino’, was arrested, his girlfriend Claudia is said to have been chosen as the new chief.

Until her boyfriend’s arrest, Claudia had been documenting her life on social media sites where regularly posted pictures of herself caressing a custom-made pink AK-47 rifle, posing among masked men, and propping a deadly M16 assault rifle on her hip.

Her Instagram page is now offline, after she set about deleting evidence as news of her rise to power emerged.

In an alleged case of mistaken identity, Yurina Castillo Torres, a former girlfriend of Gamboa, was mistakenly assassinated as she left a gym. Her assassins believed her to be Claudia.

Torres was hanged and her body dumped behind a school.

Despite the attack, Claudia has refused to go underground and can still be seen in clubs and discos of Mazatlan, Culiacan and Guadalajara, however, this time she is surrounded by heavily armed men and bodyguards to protect her.

A clip uploaded to YouTube by user Pinche Menso supposedly shows the Kim Kardashian look-a-like ‘crime boss’ dancing and smiling, to the backing of a Samba drum band.

Claudia married a Sinaloa drug trafficker known as ”El Chavo Felix”, with whom she had three children.