Military spokesman reveals New Valley terrorist attack details – Al-Tahrir News Network


Military spokesman Mohamed Samir posted, via his Facebook page, the initial details of the Al-Farafra terrorist attack which occurred on Saturday, and resulted in the death of 23 army personnel.

Samir said the attack was effected by twenty terrorists riding in four jeeps, armed with sniper rifles, AK-47′s, automatic rifles and RPG’s.

The terrorists were aiming to break through the Al-Farafra border guard military unit, north-east of Al-Wadi Al-Gadid governorate at the 100 kilometre mark, between Al-Farafra Oasis and Al-Bahariya Oasis.

The damaged interior of the unit after the attack

A seized vehicle used by terrorists during the attack

The soldiers at the border military unit dealt immediately with the attackers, killing and wounding a number of them and preventing them from breaking through.

After failing to infiltrate the unit, the terrorists targeted a gas cylinder with RPG shells, which resulted in the death of most of the military personnel.

Another terrorist’s vehicle seized by military forces

The terrorists fled into the nearby mountainous area before military reinforcements arrived, but fire exchange between army reinforcements and the attackers resulted in the death of one attacker and the seizure of two vehicles that were used in the attack.

Samir added that investigations are still underway to identify the terrorist elements involved in this criminal act and vowed to bring them to justice as soon as possible.

An overview of the military facility following the terrorist attack

The attack is considered one of the deadliest against the armed forces since the 30 June Revolution in July 2013.

Some communication devices and electric circuits used in the attack

Automatic rifles were used by terrorists in targeting the military unit