Minister of Antiquities inspects progress of heritage sites in Old Cairo


The Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Al-Damati, visited on Monday the Al-Gamaleya district to inspect the latest heritage renovation projects, and prepare for the opening and restoration of some of the relics in the area.

Al-Gamaleya district in Old Cairo

The renovation projects in old Cairo’s districts are part of a protocol signed between the Ministry of Antiquities and the Ministry of Housing, with the participation of the Aga Khan Foundation for Development.

This cooperation represents a partnership between governmental and non-governmental organisations in the implementation of community development programmes, in order to improve the areas of historical heritage.

Bab Zweila in Old Cairo

Al-Damati stressed the importance of implementing a plan to renovate the Al-Gamaliya heritage sites in order to open them up to the public as open-air museums. He also pointed out the need to renovate the Darb Al-Ahmar neighbourhood, starting from Bab Zweila all the way to the Citadel.

The Darb Al-Ahmar neighbourhood in Old Cairo

The minister’s inspection also revealed the need for the completion of a project, which involves fitting the street with adequate lighting, as well as making sure the so-called “taf-taf” trains receive regular maintenance to ensure the availability of proper transportation for visitors.

He also called for the quick conclusion of a renovation project at the textile museum in Al-Moez Street, which includes the installation of a self-sufficient, internal firefighting system within the structure. This would ensure the preservation of the museum’s contents.

Al-Moez Street in Old Cairo

He also said that the objects on display within the museum should receive regular maintenance checks to ensure their longevity, and anything on the road to the museum that could obstruct visitors’ paths should be removed.