Minute-by-minute updates: Egypt’s presidential elections—Day Three – Al-Tahrir News Network


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9:00 polling stations across Egypt close as the the country’s presidential elections come to an end. Results will be announced before 5 June.

8:50 Security forces find two suspicious objects near a polling station in Heliopolis.

8:38 Election Presidential Committee says that there is no intention for extending the voting process for an extra hour.

8:31 Security sources deny the arrest of 10 members of Sabahi`s campaign.

8:06 Presidential Elections Commission official Judge Tarek Shebl says turnout for the election will exceed 40 percent.

7:46 National Council For Human Rights: announcing preliminary results before the vote count is illegal.

7:34 Ministry of Interior: Voter turnout in the presidential elections is 45 per cent.

7:20 Judicial sources say that turnout has reached 26,135,000 across the republic.

7:10 Big fire erupts near a polling station at Cairo`s Maadi neighbourhood. No injuries reported.

7:08 Giza governor: voter turnout in Giza ranges between 45 and 50 percent.

7:05 Ministry of Justice: the ministry’s operation room has so far received 1,800 complaints relating to the elections process.

7:00 Number of voters in Daqahliya governorate has so far exceeded one million.

6:55 The Egyptian government to hold a meeting by the end of the polling process tonight.

6:50 CBC satellite channel reported that security forces at one polling station in Fayoum were shot at by unidentified assailants.

6:30 Voter turnout in Helwan governorate hovers between 40 and 45 percent, according to Al-Tagamoo Party’s operations room.

6:10 Voter turnout at Menofiya governorate exceeds 70 percent.

6:03 A judicial source with the Presidential Elections Committee told Reuters’ Aswat Masriya that the number of voters has so far exceeded 20 million. 

5:20 Cabinet convenes today night to discuss voting process, security measures and state budget. The meeting will be the cabinet’s last before it tenders its resignation, according to the constitution, to the new president.

4:40 Abdel-Aziz Salman, secretary-general of the Presidential Elections Committee, denies claims that the presidential elections will be held again next month.

4:19 Sky News: The election process in Northern Sinai and Aswan is going smoothly despite the security concerns.

4:15 Third bomb was found and defused in Fayoum governorate.

4:05 Voter turnout across Egypt has so far reached 23.5 million, in Cairo reaching 3.4 million, sources tell TNN.

4:00 Sources tell Al-Tahrir satellite channel that the number of voters has reached 1.9 million in Sharqiya governorate, and 1.5 million each in Alexandria and Menofiya governorates.

3:50 Prime Minsiter Ibrahim Mehleb says that the voter turnout is”very good” and this will be reflected in the results.

3:40 Tamarod movement observation room: Voter turnout at Menofiya governorate reaches 55 percent.

3:30 US charge d’affaires monitors voting process at some Alexandria polling stations.

3:20 Hamdeen Sabahi releases a YouTube video to campaign members stating that he will not drop out of the race because by participating he had already accepted the challenge.

3:15 Sappers and security forces defuse two homemade bombs inside a polling station in Al-Fayoum governorate.

03:07 Ten Muslim Brotherhood members are detained for interrupting the voting process in Kerdasa, Giza.

3:05 Al-Sisi’s campaign member Tarek Al-Khouly says that there is a huge voter turnout. He said that the Presidential Elections Committee announced that turnout on Tuesday reached 37 percent, which he added is a high percentage according to international standards.

2:55 Low voter turnout on the third day of elections at Sohag governorate, Upper Egypt.

2:50 Health Ministry: four people were injured in three governorates while they were voting on the third day of elections.

2:29 Salafist Nour party helps transport voters to their polling stations in several governorates.

2:17 Voter turnout in Alexandria Governorate reached 62 percent during the first two days of the vote, according to Alexandria governor Tarek Al-Mahdy.

2:15 Al-Shorouk newspaper: Presidential Election Committee announces that polling stations will close at 9pm and that the results will be announced in five days.

2:10 A voter in Alexandria dies due to a sudden drop in blood pressure.

2:05 Clashes erupt between Muslim Brotherhood members and residents of Al-Wasti town in Beni Sweif governorate.

2:00 Presidential Elections Committee: the withdrawal of Sabahi’s representatives from polling stations will not affect the election process.

1:50 Low turnout at Nasr City’s polling stations on the third day of voting.

1:45 Voter turnout exceeds 51 percent at Al-Sayeda Zeinab neighbourhood, Cairo.

1:40 Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb: Egypt is witnessing free and credible elections.

1:32  Investigations launched with 14 Muslim Brotherhood members for disrupting the election process in Cairo’s Nasr City district.

1:30 Nour party members tour Assiut governorate to urge people to participate in the vote.

1:25 The European Union delegation monitors polling stations in Aswan governorate.

1:19 Voter turnout reaches 53 percent in western Cairo, according to Deputy Governor, Mohamed Ayman Abdel-Tawab.

1:15 Electrical short circuit caused a fire in a polling station in Luxor.

1:14 Local Development Minister Adel Labib predicts that voter turnout will increase at the end of the working day.

1:04 Sappers move to Cairo’s Matrya and Nasr City districts to inspect two odd objects.

1:00 The African Union delegation observes polling stations in Cairo’s Dokki district.

12:55 Voter turnout increases in Cairo’s Al-Daher district on the third day.

12:53 Muslim Brotherhood members in Giza governorate set on fire a car of a leading member in the Salafist Nour party for supporting Al-Sisi.

12:50 Presidential elections committee: voter turnout stood at 40 percent in Alexandria governorate during the first two days of elections.

12:40 Salafist Nour party continues to amass voters in Qalioubiya governorate.

12:34 Operations room in Giza governorate: we did not observe any obstacles or problems on the third day of the elections.

12:30 Ministry of Justice: the Presidential Elections Committee might extend the vote for a few extra hours should the turnout increase.

12:25 Sabahi’s representatives withdraw from polling stations in Minya and Luxor governorates.

12:20 Voter turnout in Cairo reached 45 percent according to an official report by Cairo’s governorate.

12:00 Alexandria is seeing mixed results in voter turnout.

11:58 Gunfire heard near a polling station in Sharqiya governorate, according to eye witnesses and police forces are currently searching for  the suspects.

11:57 High security alert in Sharqiya governorate after members of the Muslim Brotherhood tried to set on fire a number of the governorate’s polling stations yesterday.

11:55 Number of voters increase in Tawfikeya school polling station in Cairo’s Shubra district.

11:49 Number of voters increase in Daqahilya governorate according to Salafist Nour party.

11:40 Presidential Election Committee: no one is allowed to withdraw from the presidential race, saying that the last day for withdrawal was on 9 May.

11:35 Mosques are calling on people to participate in the elections in Menofiya governorate.

11:30 Interior Ministry vows to protect judges during the vote count.

11:28 Two dead and 35 injured on the second day of the elections. One died from an accidental gunshot while the other from heart failure.

11:20 Very low voter turnout in Matrouh governorate on the third day of voting.

11:15 Sabahi withdraws his representatives from several governorates in objection to the Presidential Committee’s decision to extend the vote for a third day.

10:13 Homemade bomb planted near a polling station in Cairo’s Sayeda Zeinab district was defused.

11:10 Military helicopters hover over Suez since the beginning of today’s vote.

11:05 Armed forces monitor the flow of the presidential elections on the third day.

11:00 Modest turnout in Qena governorate on the third day of voting, with 13 polling stations not opening on time because judges arrived late.

10:55 Sources tell Al-Shorouk newspaper that 22.4 million people participated in the vote on the first two days of elections.

10:50 Security officers are following up on the election process in Cairo.

10:40 Daqahliya governorate is seeing a significant turnout on the third day of elections, while there was a delay in the opening of 25 polling stations in the governorate.

10:35 By the end of day two, 39 percent of voters in Beheira governorate participated.

10:30 Opening of seven polling stations in Menofiya govenorate was delayed as judges were late.

10:20 Abdel-Aziz Salman, secretary general of the Presidential Elections Committee says that polling stations across the country are working properly as they open their doors to voters on the last day of elections.

10:10 Bullhorns in cars are used to urge citizens to participate in elections in the Nile Delta city of Shibeen Al-Koum.

9:33 Objections by the campaigns of Al-Sisi and Sabahi that the elections be extended are refused.

9:28 Security forces dispersed a number of Brotherhood members after they blocked the 26 July Bridge where they burned tyres which in turn led to a traffic jam. Security forces arrested seven of them.

9:13 Al-Haya satellite channel cited a judicial source as saying that a count has been started for those who did not vote in the presidential elections, which started on Monday and ends today, so as to deduct EGP500 from their salaries as a penalty for not voting.

9:00 Polling stations in Egypt’s governorates open on time on the third day of presidential elections amid a modest turnout.