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10:03 Sada Al-Balad: International Organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood calls on members to vote en masse for Sabahi on Wednesday.

9:57 Presidential Elections Committee Secretary General Abdel Aziz Salman states refusal of Sabahi and Al-Sisi’s complaints against the voting extension. 

9:11 The Presidential Elections Committee is reconvening to look into the appeals against the voting extension.

9:00 Security forces disperse a demonstration of Muslim Brotherhood supporters near a polling station in Kirdasa.

8:57  Sabahi’s campaign demands a vote count for the first and second days of the election.

8:41 Correspondent for The Guardian: EU observers will continue to monitor the elections tomorrow. 

8:30 Shorouk News: Sources from Sabahi’s campaign annouce that Sabahi may withdraw from the presidential race after the voting extension. 

8:20 Dr. Mohamed Baha Al-Deen, Al-Sisi’s legal advisor, files formal complaint with the Presidential Elections Commission against extending the vote for a third day.

8:12  Egyptian Alliance for Election Monitoring: Participation yesterday reportedly reached 15 percent. 

8:00 Presidential Elections Committee: the complaints received from citizens residing out of their governorates and the high temperatures are the main reasons behind extending the vote to Wednesday.  

7:50 Egyptian government declares that Wednesday will be a normal working day.

7:40 MBC Masr: Al-Sisi meets with his campaign’s consultants to discuss implications of the low voter turnout. 

7:35 Three homemade bombs explode nearby Sharqiya governorate headquarters, no inujuries reported.

7:15 EU Ambassador to Egypt James Moran: state apparatus met all EU observes’ requirements. 

6:56 Six members of the Muslim brotherhood were arrested for protesting near a polling station in Al -Mansoura.

6:54 Women voters turnout in high numbers in Helwan.

6:50 Voter turnout decreases dramatically in Six October City and Sheikh Zayed.

6:41 Presidential Elections Committee: the voting has been extended for a third day.

6:33 Voter turnout increases in Omrania and Talbia causing a traffic jam in Haram street.

6:15 Turnout increases in Matarya, Ain Shams and Helmya polling stations after temperatures dropped.

6:03  Judges receive nearly 80 complaints about polling stations opening late. 

5:55 Voting resumes at a polling station in Mahala after a verbal argument between the station’s chief and a voter halted the voting process.

5:42 Pope Tawadros calls on Egyptians to participate in the elections. 

5:31 Voter turnout in Imbaba increased after temperatures dropped. 

5:25 Citizens residing out of their governorates stage a sit-in in Haram street to protest a decision by the Presidential Elections Committee to pre-register at the government notary in order to vote. 

5:10 Salafist spokesman Nader Bakar: political frustration and boredom are the reasons for the low voter turnout. 

4:50 Sappers and civil protection teams defuse a bomb near the TV building in Alexandria.

4:30 The Presidential Elections Committee decides that citizens residing out of their governorates will not be allowed to vote unless they are pre-registered at the government notary.

4:20 State TV: the voter turnout in Qalioubiya reached 35 percent.

4:10 Mehleb: the turnout will be higher in the evening and the fine imposed on the voters who abstain is legal.

4:02 Citizens residing out of their governorates are demonstrating in front of Giza`s governorate headquarters to be allowed to vote at their local polling stations.

3:55  A delegation of international observers monitors the voting process at polling stations in Cairo`s Bab Al-Sharia neighbourhood. 

3:50 Sabahi campaign: young voters turning out in higher numbers on the second day of voting.

3:45 Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb assures that the government is not interfering in the electoral process.

3:30 MB member arrested for sending videos of army and police sites near polling stations to Al Jazeera TV station.

3:29 Voting halted for 30 minutes inside one of Beni Sweif’s polling stations because of a scuffle between the judges and the station`s assigned security forces.

3:20 The Press Syndicate chairman calls for extending the vote for a third day to allow those who reside outside their governorate to vote in the presidential elections.

3:15 High voter turnout in Giza`s Bolaq neighbourhood polling stations.

3:10 Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb says that the Presidential Election Committee is the lone party that can issue a decision regarding those who reside outside their governorate polling stations.

3:05 Al Beheira governor offers free transportation to voters.

3:00 The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church says that participation in the election is the least Egyptians should do for their country.

2:55 Observers expect an increase in the number of voters after sunset.

2:45 Health Ministry: nine people were injured in six governorates while they were voting on the second day of elections.

2:40 A judge was expelled at one of Sinai’s Al-Arish city polling stations for closing the station without a valid reason.

2:30 The cabinet’s operation room says that most of the complaints on the second day of elections are related to the delayed opening of some polling stations and the problems facing those who reside out of their governorate polling stations.

2:20 Minister of Endowments, Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, calls upon citizens to participate in the elections.

2:15 Al-Sisi’s campaign says that members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group are giving EGP500 to those who refrain from voting in Damietta governorate.

2:05 Security forces in Giza prevent Muslim Brotherhood attempts to disrupt the election process.

2:00 International observers praise the election process in Ismailiya governorate.

1:50 Voters protest against a judge in Mahalla city who attempted to sway balloting in favour of Sabahi.

1:45 Egyptian Foreign Ministry says international observers deny any election violations.

1:40 Presidential Elections Committee meets with the head of EU observer mission.

1:30 Security forces contain attempts by Muslim Brotherhood members to hamper the elections in Kerdasa by preventing voters from going to the polling stations.

1:27 Head of the Third Army in Suez, Osama Askar, calls upon citizens to participate in the second day of elections.

1:20 Presidential Election Committee: turnout at South Sinai governorate has so far reached 26 percent.

1:15 Salfist Nour party is providing free bus transportation for voters in Minya governorate on the second day of elections.

1:12 A big fire in three homes delays the voting in four polling stations in Minya governorate.

1:11 An increase in turnout in Sohag governorate on the second day of voting.

1:08 Head of the Cairo Security Directorate says that the Roxy explosion will not affect the election process.

1:00 The National Council for Human Rights receives 23 violation complaints on the second day of elections.

12:45 The vote is extended until 10pm.

12:35 High voter turnout at the Upper Egyptian governorate of Assuit.

12:30 Minister of Administrative and Local Development calls for extending the vote till Wednesday to allow those who reside outside their governorate polling station to vote.

12:20 EU observation mission praises police and army role in securing the election process.

12:15 Presidential Election Committee: turnout at Daqahliya governorate reached 22 percent yesterday.

12:10 Homemade bomb injures three people in Cairo’s Roxy district.

12:05 Late arrival of judges causes delay in the opening of six polling stations in Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate.

12:00 Limited turnout in Zamalek district’s polling stations at the beginning of the second day of voting.

11:55 Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members rally in Cairo’s Nasr City to protest against the elections.

11:52 A delegation from the US embassy observes the vote at Cairo`s Shoubra neighbourhood polling stations.

11:50 Brotherhood Without Violence movement urges all Egyptians to participate in the elections.

11:47 A source in Al-Sisi’s campaign said that 15 million people have so far cast their vote.

11:45 Presidential Election Committee: quarter of the registered voters in Damietta governorate have cast their ballots on the first day of elections. 

11:37 Mario David, head of the European Union mission that is monitoring the elections, heads to the Presidential Election Committee’s headquarters to oversee the balloting. 

11:35 High voter turnout at Sohag governorate’s polling stations, Upper Egypt.

11:14 Presidential Election Committee: EGP500 fine will be imposed on those who abstain from voting.

11:12 Interim president Adli Mansour monitors the electoral process for the second day at the Presidential Palace Information Office.

11:10 Cairo governor: turnout in some Cairo districts reached around 30 percent on the first day.

11:05 Salafist Nour Party to organize a rally in Alexandria to support presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

11:02 Security forces defuse a homemade bomb that was put near a polling station in Minya governorate.

11:00 European Union delegation monitors voting process at Cairo’s Abdeen neighbourhood polling stations.

10:55 Low voter turnout at Helwan city’s polling stations.

10:50 Eight Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in Minya governorate for violating the protest law and attempting to disrupt the election process.

10:45 Gamaleya’s polling station chief: one third of registered voters have cast their vote.

10:44 Presidential Election Committee: turnout at Alexandria`s polling stations reached 20 percent on the first day.

10:43 High voter turnout at Qalioubiya governorate’s polling stations.

10:27 A delegation of international observers monitors voting process at Six October city’s polling stations.

10:22 Minister of Defence Sedki Sobhi arrives at the ministry’s operation room to follow up on the second day of elections.

10:15 A delegation from the Arab League monitors voting process at Giza’s Hawamdeya’s polling station.

9:40 Presidential Election Committee in Gharbiya governorate: turnout exceeded 30 percent on the first day.

9:15 Military helicopters hover over some areas in Six October city, coinciding with the opening of polling stations.

9:00 Polling stations in Egypt’s governorates open on time on the second day of presidential elections.