Nemtsov’s alleged killer ‘confessed after being tortured’


Zaur Dadayev, one of the two men charged with the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, confessed to the charges after he was tortured, according to a member of Russia’s Human Rights Council.

Andrei Babushkin, a member of the Human Rights Council, believes Dadayev was tortured prior to giving his confession.

“There are reasons that lead us to believe Zaur Dadayev confessed under torture,” said Andrei Babushkin, adding he had seen “numerous wounds” on the body of the prime suspect in the killing during a visit to his Moscow prison cell on Tuesday.

Dadayev, a former Chechen police officer, said he only confessed to the killing so that a friend who was arrested with him would be freed.

“They said that if I confessed they would let him go. I agreed. I thought I would save him and they would bring me to Moscow alive,” Dadayev said, according to Babushkin.

Babushkin said Dadayev made the confession under duress, alleging that he spent two days handcuffed and with a sack over his head.

“They shouted at me all the time, ‘You killed Nemtsov, didn’t you?’ I said, no,” Babushkin reported Dadayev as saying. 

Nemtsov was killed 27 February while walking back from dinner with his girlfriend. While crossing the Great Moskvoretsky Bridge on his way home, a white car drew up and Nemtsov was shot four times with a pistol.