New stamps to depict Faten Hamama


Egypt’s National Post Authority announced that postage stamps depicting legendary film icon Faten Hamama are set to be issued in the near future to commemorate the beloved “Lady of the Arab Screen”.

The veteran Egyptian actress died on 17 January at the age of 83 after wowing crowds of the Arab World and beyond through a long and successful career, which saw her star in nearly 100 films.

Following the death of the celebrated icon who represented the Arab screen and personified Egyptian femaleness, countless of national and international newspapers praised and honoured Hamama for her impressive talent.

After the governorate of Qaliubiya decided to name its largest school complex after the late legend, a new tribute to her is paid by the National Post Authority which is producing stamps featuring the portrait of Hamama.

She will be now immortalised with her image depicted on new Egyptian stamps, which will be available for sale starting from next week, reports state.

In an era of technology-addiction where email, text messages and social media have made communication easier and faster, writing letters have almost disappeared so the likelihood of buying stamps to mail a letter might be slim to none.

But if those stamps portray a legend, a screen idol, a talented woman representing a whole region, you can at least appreciate and praise the Post Authority’s manner of celebrating Hamama. And whether you will use the stamp or not, you can still indulge in the pleasure of its image as it represents a legacy.