North Korea ‘reaches final’ of World Cup – Al-Tahrir News Network


Despite not making it to the 2014 World Cup, North Korea has reached the final.

As the rest of the world waits for today’s clash between Argentina and Germany in the final, North Korea has reportedly already reached the final and will face Portugal.

Tales don’t get much taller.

A mock video has apparently appeared on YouTube of North Korea not only “celebrating” qualification for the World Cup final – but at the expense of arch enemies the USA, Japan and China.

A scoreboard highlights a 4-0 victory over the US, 7-0 over Japan and a 2-0 win over China — all of which didn’t take place, of course.

There is also a newscaster reporting on North Korea’s “success” at the World Cup – even though Asian teams cannot play each other in the group stage.

The fictitious footage includes highlights of a 2-0 victory over China in an empty stadium and images of leader Kim Jong-Un saluting the team and fans celebrating on a street. It even shows Kim appearing on a screen in one of Brazil’s fan zones, much to the delight of a cheering crowd.

The mock report was not made by the North Koreans, but a fan mocking the communist nation’s penchant for falsehood.

In reality, North Korea failed to make it to the final round of Asian qualifying ahead of the World Cup, losing twice to Uzbekistan and drawing lowly Tajikistan.

It comes four years after North Korea pulled a similar propaganda stunt during the last World Cup in South Africa, where they did compete and lost all three games to Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal.

During that tournament, North Korean media reported their country’s national team defeated Brazil 1-0 even though Brazil won the match 2-1.

North Korea is currently ranked 146th in the world.