Obama to lay out plan to fight Islamic State – Al-Tahrir News Network


US President Barack Obama said that this week he will be revealing his plan to combat the Islamic State (formerly ISIL) in Iraq.

“On Wednesday, I’ll make a speech and describe what our game plan’s going to be going forward,” Obama told NBC’s Meet the Press.

“I’m preparing the country to make sure that we deal with a threat from ISIL.”

Obama recently called on several nations to join a US effort in forming a coalition to combat the rising ISIL threat. Several countries have committed to joining the coalition, including France, Turkey, Canada, and the UK.

“What I’m going to ask the American people to understand is that this is a serious threat,” Obama told NBC. “We have the capacity to deal with it, and here’s how we’ll deal with it. This will require some resources above what’s already in there.”

“I just want the American people to understand the nature of the threat and how we’re going to deal with it and to have confidence that we’ll be able to deal with it,” Obama said.

The president said that there were no plans to send in ground forces into Iraq, a prospect which, according to polls, the American people find unfavourable.

“We are going to be a part of an international coalition, carrying out air strikes in support of work on the ground by Iraqi troops, Kurdish troops,” Obama said, adding that the operation “is not the equivalent of the Iraq war”.