PM Mahlab: Islamic State members may have entered Egypt – Al-Tahrir News Network


Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said that Egypt is not intending to join the air strikes against the Islamic ٍState organisation though they have endangered Egypt’s allies in the Arab Gulf region.

Mahlab statement came during an interview with Reuters on Tuesday.

Mahlab said that some Islamic State militants may have entered the country during the last period, while adding that the Egyptian Army and state laws are sufficient to exterminate any terrorist threat.

Mahlab ensured that Egypt is giving priority to stability within the country, where it faces a direct threat from Islamist militants operating in the Sinai Peninsula, but he also considered the militants’ threat in neighbouring Libya as imminent.

When asked If Egypt would intervene against Islamic State if it was requested by Arab Gulf allies, Mahlab said that this issue will be discussed upon request, stressing at the same time that Arab Gulf security lies within Egypt’s top priorities.

However, he also added that Egypt does not want to interfere in the internal affairs of any other country, as the Egyptian Army’s main role is to protect the homeland, but in case the Islamic State formed an imminent threat to the Arab region he said,”the situation might change”.

The Egyptian Prime Minister expressed his worries over Islamic State militants carrying Western passports, which makes them hard to track or arrest.

Replying to Qatar and Turkey’s opposing role to Egypt in the region, Mahlab replied, “Everybody who is acting against Egypt will lose.”