President: Egyptians have always backed their Army


Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi asserted that the Egyptian people have been supporting their Army since the 1967 defeat until the present day.

Addressing a ceremony held by the Armed Forces on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of October War victory, the president said the Egyptian people suffered a huge disaster after the 1967 defeat, but they backed their Army to achieve the October victory, and have continued to support them until the present time.

The Egyptian Armed Forces on parade

Al-Sisi said “I am speaking about the Egyptian people, not the Army, because they have proved on every occasion to be a different type of people, who are always capable of withstanding challenges and overcoming threats against the state.”

The president said that Egyptians took to the streets in the 25 January revolution in 2011 calling for change and a better future for their beloved country.

The 2011 Egyptian revolution

“They have gone through a tough experience for a year during which they realised the seriousness of the risks facing the nation,” he added.

“The Army was willing to stand by the people who made the June revolution in 2013,” he stressed.

Demonstrators chant slogans in Alexandria June 2013

He commended the awareness of the Egyptian people who backed his call to stand against violence and terror in Egypt.

“The Egyptians have taught the whole world a lesson on the rejection of violence,” he said.

Al-Sisi also praised the Egyptians who queued for several hours at the polling stations to vote in the 2014 constitution.

Women queue outside a polling centre to vote in a referendum on Egypt’s new constitution in Cairo, January 14, 2014. (photo: Reuters)

The high turnout of voters amazed the whole world and affirmed that the Egyptians want the best for their country,” the president underlined.

During his recent trip to New York, he said “I was not alone in New York. I felt that all Egyptians were standing by my side.”

He attributed the success of his New York visit to the strong support he was given by the Egyptian people.

Al-Sisi said he was not surprised that Egyptians had bought the Suez Canal investment certificates before the time frame set for selling them to the public.

Egyptians bought the Suez Canal investment certificates before the time set for the sale was up (photo; Reuters)

The president said the investment, finance and planning ministers, as well as the Central Bank of Egypt said the necessary funds for the project could be collected within two to three months.

Al-Sisi said: “I expected the certificates to run out within only seven days.”

He went on to say that he decided to make his speech in greeting and showing respect to the Egyptian people, who have created a marvellous civilisation.

He noted that Egyptians who were eager to contribute to the Suez Canal development project and missed out because the funding for the project was already available, could make up for that by getting shares in other mega national projects.

As regards the aim of his recent visit to New York and the political moves made there, Al-Sisi said the objective of the visit was to present the “New Egypt” with all the aspirations of its people, to the whole world.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi acknowledges applause as he takes the stage before his address to the 69th United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters in New York, 24 September 2014
(photo: Reuters)

Al-Sisi said his talks with heads of state, politicians, intellectuals, media people and the Egyptian community in New York, were directed in the first place to clarify that the main points in Egypt’s future roadmap have been approved by the Egyptians, as well as to underline Egypt’s stands on the threats and risks in the region.

“All of those people listened well to us and appreciated Egypt’s role in the region,” Al-Sisi noted, adding that this role could never have been realised without the Egyptian people’s move on 30 June 2013 and their determination to safeguard their nation.

He reiterated that nobody could stand against the will of the Egyptian people.

Al-Sisi also said the Egyptian people are undergoing an experiment that will have positive aspects, but might also have some negative ones.

He confirmed his keenness on participation by young people in the democratic experiment in Egypt. He added that the success of the current experiment in Egypt depends largely on the participation of young people.

Young people in Egypt (photo: World bank

He also urged all political parties in Egypt to give more attention to the young people’s participation in carving out the present and future of the nation.

Addressing the Arab countries, Al-Sisi urged them to close ranks and coordinate with each other, in order to face the serious threats against them.

He also extended his thanks to the Armed Forces on the military parade marking the October War anniversary and reflecting on the capabilities and preparedness of the army formations.

Armed Forces on military parade marking the October War anniversary