Presidential candidates deliver final message – Al-Tahrir News Network


Yesterday midnight, the Egyptian presidential election campaigns have entered the stage of electoral silence, when both candidates must halt their electioneering, prior to the start of the voting process on 26-27 May.

On an extended television programme followed by a short speech, former Defence Minister and presidential hopeful Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, preferring to describe himself as a “citizen” not a presidential candidate, expressed his gratitude to all the Egyptian expatriates who had participated in the presidential elections abroad last week. He urged all Egyptians in the country to participate in the election, and demonstrate the will of the Egyptian people in front of the world.

Al-Sisi pointed out the national role played by Egyptian women and stressed that this role should continue throughout the election and afterwards.

Referring to them as the nation`s “power and hope“, Al-Sisi addressed the youth of Egypt as the builders of the nation and encouraged them to take part in creating their own country’s future by participating in the election process.

Finally, Al-Sisi urged all Egyptians, regardless of their ideologies and beliefs, to be aware of the internal and external challenges Egypt is facing, and take part in the voting process. He concluded by saying, “It is time for Egyptians to act again, God bless Egypt and Long Live Egypt.”

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi (photo: urgentnews)

The other presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi, attended his final electoral convention in Abdeen Square in Downtown Cairo, with thousands of supporters and public figures in attendance, before appearing on a last TV programme to summarise his vision and promises to the voters.

Referring to himself as the representative of two revolutions, Sabahi assured his audience that he is the most capable candidate of achieving the goals of “Bread, Freedom and Social Justice”, in which he believed in and worked for all his life.

Sabahi declared that he is aware of the Egyptian people’s hopes and dreams, saying that he has been working for 40 years to support the impoverished people of Egypt and he will continue his mission in serving Egyptians, regardless of his position and role in the state.

Addressing the Egyptian youth, Sabahi said, “You have proved to have power over corruption and tyranny, you did that during the 25 January and 30 June revolutions, you were always the righteous and now you are asked to prove that again“.

Promising to protect democracy, justice and freedoms, he confirmed that all the Egyptian state apparatus will work for the benefit of the citizen.

”A successful nation should be the result of a successful revolution. People have given their best to the country and now they are waiting to collect the return,” Sabahi said. “They are now asked to choose what is best for the future, and I am certain of their choice”, he concluded.

After these final brief messages from the candidates, Egypt waits to choose its seventh president, following a people’s revolution that led to the end of the Muslim Brotherhood rule of former president Mohamed Morsi on 3 July 2013.