Prosecution summons GUC president over student’s death on campus


The Cairo prosecution has summoned the president of the German University in Cairo (GUC) to listen to his testimony following the death of a student who was crushed by a university bus on campus on Monday.

The prosecution has also contacted the victim’s parents, currently residing in Qatar.

Yara Tarek

GUC students continued their strike for the second consecutive day, blaming the university’s administration for the death of their classmate, according to a statement by the university’s student union.

Tarek, a first-year GUC student, was reported to have died after being crushed between two buses on the university campus on Monday.

There was outrage among the students who announced a sit-in “until those responsible for the incident are brought to justice”, according to the student union.

Following the incident, a Twitter hashtag shared condolences and demanded justice under the title #YaraTarek.

The university administration said it had informed Tarek’s parents immediately after the accident, stressing that all possible medical attention was provided to the student before she was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital in New Cairo.

The incident occurred when students were trying to catch the university buses leaving the campus on Monday.

Tarek reportedly fell behind one bus while another bus reversed from behind, crushing the student, local media quoted one eyewitness as saying.

Tarek’s funeral was held on Tuesday, attended by a large number of GUC students and the general public.