Report: Qatar pledges to stop media campaigns against Egypt


The London based Al-Hayat newspaper reported that Qatar has pledged to stop its media campaigns against Egypt, during the Gulf Summit hosted by Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

The newspaper quoted a high-level Gulf official stating that Qatar has promised to stop its media campaigns against the Egyptian regime, as part of a unified Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) policy according to the recent ‘Al-Riyadh Accord’.

Egypt and its Arab gulf allies accuse Qatar of supporting organsiations that aim to disrupt the stability of the region.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have agreed to return their ambassadors to Qatar, ending eight months of tense relations with the controversial Gulf state over its support for the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

The three Gulf nations had all withdrew their ambassadors to Doha in March, sparking one of the Gulf worst diplomatic disputes since the GCC’s creation in 1981.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain on one hand, and Qatar on the other, have been of opposing views on the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood former-president Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, by a popular revolution in 2013.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have pledged billions of dollars in financial aid to Egypt over the past year and a half to support the Egyptian economy and the new regime.

In addition, the rest of the GCC countries (Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman) have politically backed the new regime in Egypt.

Meanwhile, Qatar had a rocky relationship with the interim authorities that replaced Morsi, describing what occurred in Egypt as a ”military coup”.

The Arab Gulf gas-rich state is a strong backer of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation, which is outlawed in Egypt and the UAE, and operates illegitimately in the Arab GCC countries.

However, Qatar decided in September to expel seven Muslim Brotherhood members who had earlier fled Egypt to Qatar, and a change in policy and warming of Arab relations seems to be developing.