Russia hopeful of possibility to lift sanctions on Iran – Al-Tahrir News Network


Russia said on Thursday that the possibility of lifting sanctions on Tehran’s nuclear programme emerged in recent international talks, and urged all countries concerned to bolster political discourse ending the decade-long deadlock.

Iran, Russia and five other world powers will meet in September to broker a deal under which Tehran would scale back its nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of longstanding international sanctions. The aim is to have an agreement by 24 November of this year. 

The ministry presumes that all parties participating in the talks will show political will to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will restore the international community’s confidence in the peaceful intentions of Iran’s nuclear programme.

“Despite the difficult course of the negotiating process, a possibility is emerging to satisfy in full all integral rights of Iran as a member state of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, including the right to enrich uranium and lifting the sanctions regime,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohamed Javad Zarif, and Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavroc, will be meeting in Moscow on Friday to discuss the parameters of negotiations with world powers regarding the nuclear programme.

Suspicions heightened following a senior Iranian official’s announcement on Wednesday that Tehran has conducted tests on new machinery to enrich uranium, in addition to the development of new centrifuges to replace its current breakdown-prone model, which could allow Iran to stockpile atomic bomb materials much faster.