Sikh temple vandalised, mistaken for mosque in Australia


A Sikh temple in Perth, Australia was mistakenly vandalised with anti-Muslim slogans by two masked men who thought it was a mosque. 

Sikh Gurdwara Perth founding member Satjit Singh explained that the targeting of the temple was a major disappointment.

The multi-million dollar temple, which has been under construction for two and a half years and was expected to be completed by February 2015, was vandalised early Wednesday morning by two masked men.

The men entered the premises of the temple and began to spray paint slogans such as “Go home”, “Arab f***s”, and “Aussie pride”. There actions were caught on CCTV.

“This temple belongs to the Sikh community and we have no relation with any other religion,” Singh said.

“All Sikhs, wherever in the world they have settled, they are very faithful to the country where they settle.”

Sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim, a local imam and social leader in Perth, is seeking to assist the Sikh community following the attack.

“I am disgusted by the vandalism inflicted upon the Sikh Temple with disturbing graffiti scrawled on the walls by racist bigots,” Ibrahim said in a Facebook post.

“I have been in contact with members of our broader community and am hoping to liaise assistance from our Muslim community in helping with the clean up. If you are interested in helping financially or physically, let me know,” he added.

Damage to the building is estimated at $40,000 USD.

Sikhism, which Sikhs ascribe to, is a monotheistic religion which began in the Punjab region of India in the 15th century and has no ties to other religions though typically maintains amicable relations with religious communities.