Simone Massi to be honoured with Golden Pyramid at Cairo Int’l Film Festival


Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) has announced that Italian animator Simone Massi will be this year’s winner of the Naguib Mahfouz Lifetime Achievement Award, also know as the Golden Pyramid, at its 36th edition.

According to a statement released by CIFF, the 42-year-old Italian artist will be awarded the prize for his “extensive cinematic record” that has contributed to the industry of filmmaking.

Massi follows in the previous winners’ footsteps including Moroccan filmmaker Nour El Din Sail, German director Volker Schlondorff, French auteur Jack Lang and Egyptian actress Nadia Lotfy, though he is the first animator ever to be honoured.

He has won over 200 awards in major festivals both in Italy and abroad.

His style is complimented by daily hand-made works which are both laborious and accurate while reveling in his family’s working class origins.

Branded as one of the pioneers of the “stop motion” animation, the artist forged a unique style of drawing everything by hand using pencils, graphite and pastels.

His 19 short films covered a span of 19 years of hard work as it takes him more than two years to make an eight-minute-long film with an average of 6-7 drawings a day without the aid of computers.

After the Venice Film Festival, Massi’s latest work, ‘L’attesa del Maggio’ (The Wait of May), will be screened at the opening night of CIFF where audiences will have the chance to be graced with his oil pastel drawings on paper.

Simone Massi designs Venice Biennale poster (photo: Vimeo)

The legendary and extraordinarily talented animator knows how to work hard while diving into the meaning of sacrifice in order to appreciate the smallest things in life, making him a successful and talented artists through his works.

If you haven’t experienced his stop motion animation yet, you will be wowed by his trick of the trade regarding lights, shades and a perfect exchange between white and grey-black nuances.