Sinai’s Oshtoora festival scheduled for 10 April


Oshtoora is a new independent music festival scheduled to take place in a campsite in the South Sinai city of Ras Sudr from 10-12 April 2015.

“It’s a gathering of musicians, artists, wanderers and ears eager to listen. A space where music and visual arts come together”, as is mentioned on the festival’s official website.

The three-day festival plans to host an array of artists and provide a platform for participating musicians to “share their music, create new sounds and discuss issues important to the industry at large. We’re building a community where people can explore new music and take part/participate in quality performances.”

“Oshtoora is a celebration of the region, the desert and a keenness to discover new spaces for artistic production. It’s also a celebration of independent initiatives, young dreams and a forceful generation.”

The lineup of Oshtoora’s 2015 evening program includes:

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, Palestine

Abdalla Abozekry, Egypt

Asia Madani, Sudan

N3rdistan, Morocco

Massar Egbari, Egypt

Fulltone, Egypt

Sukoon, Egypt

Michelle and Noel Keserwany, Lebanon

El Rass and Munma, Lebanon

El Dor El Awal, Egypt

Rhida Diki, Tunisia

Maryam Saleh, Egypt

Maurice Louca, Egypt

The under construction camp site will comprise two stages, a rehearsing studio, a recording studio, the Oshtoora Dialogue Tent where talks on the current music industry will take place, as well as an accommodation area.

“The main accommodation provided this year will be within the Oshtoora Village, a large camping ground located 1km off the main road and about 1km from the beach.”

The festival will also encompass a visual art program.

“The festival’s scenography team is pleased to design you a roller coaster of experiences, while constantly chasing their source information. Most of these are visual, some are physically playful, and all in harmony.”

The festival is funded by individuals, and all sales will be used to cover the construction of the campsite, fees of the participating artists, documentation of the festival, among other costs.

The curators of this year’s music program are Youssef Atwan and Muhammad El-Quessny. Both are members of the Cairo-based ‘Like Jelly’ band.

The following YouTube playlist, recently uploaded to the festival’s Facebook page, comprises 18 singles by the participating artists:

For more information on the festival and to register, visit the following links:

Oshtoora’s website:

Oshtoora’s Facebook page: