Tablet users to exceed 1 billion in 2015


According to research conducted by eMarketer, an independent market research company, tablet users will surpass the 1 billion mark globally in 2015.

Despite a noticeable slowdown in tablet sales, from 54.1% in 2013 to only 29.1% in 2014 (year-to-year comparison), eMarketer’s research shows that nearly 15% of the world’s population will use a tablet at least once a month in 2015.

Even if sales are down comparatively, there is still an upswing in terms of access to tablets.

“The shared nature of tablets and increased competition from other connected devices reduce the likelihood that the tablet audience will match the size of the smartphone audience worldwide,” said Cathy Boyle, a senior analyst at eMarketer, commenting on the slowdown in tablet sales.

“The most limiting factor is the use case for a tablet: It is not as clear-cut or compelling as a communication tool—the core capability and use case for a smartphone.”

However, the global population of tablet users has doubled within the past two years with consumers being offered a wide-array of products to indulge their technological needs.

With prices being driven down by low-cost tablets entering the marketplace, consumers are having the ability to access the technology more than ever before. As such, tablet users are estimated to hit 1.4 billion by 2018.

Whether you’re looking for a new tablet to welcome the new year or potentially waiting for another price drop, one this is for certain; tablets are here to stay.