The art of re-purposing


Adapting items for a different purpose is a method of recycling. It’s an unconventional process to add your own touch of fun into your space. Re-purposing means that the original object is not modified, but the way it is used has been enhanced.

Here are some creative new uses for things found in your home. Hopefully they inspire you!


Instead of buying those expensive odour-removing stainless steel soap bars, rub your fingers on a stainless steel spoon while running water over them to get rid of any unwanted scents after slicing onions, mincing garlic or cleaning fish.

Eyeglass case

Keep a spare hard eyeglass case to store jewellery when packing your suitcase. You can squeeze a number of items in it like rings and bangles and they will stay perfectly protected.

Spare buttons

Always misplacing one earring or its back? Try to pair them through the holes of an old button. They’ll look cute and be easier to find in your jewellery box.


Say good bye to Bubble Wrap! Put your glasses or other fragile items inside socks to prevent them from knocking each other up when boxing them. T-shirts, pants and tea towels also do the job.

Pants hanger

A five-rung pants hanger could make a great jewellery organiser. You may use the top rungs for bracelets and the bottom ones for necklaces.

Drinking straw

You can firm up the soft stems of flowers like tulips by inserting each of them into a wide straw before adding to a vase. Straws could be reused for the same purpose after rinsing them.

To keep necklaces tangle-free when you travel, simply thread each chain through a straw and hook the clutch. If it is a shorter necklace, cut the straw to appropriate length.

Sticky note

 Before you throw one of those paper reminders away, run the sticky side between the keys of your computer’s keyboard to collect crumbs and other grime.


When planning your next party, fill your bathtub or your top-loading washer with ice to keep canned or bottled drinks cool. When the drinks are gone, let the ice melt; empty your bathtub or run the spin cycle of your washer to empty its tub.

Shower cap

Use those free gift shower caps from hotels to cover shoes before packing them in a suitcase. The plastic keeps dirty soles from sullying clothes.

Paper plates

Put those fragile disposables between stacked nonstick cookware to keep it scratch-free when stored in your pantry.

Pillow case

To keep your stored coats or special-occasion clothes in good condition, cover each item with an old pillowcase. Cut a hole in the closed end to slip over a hanger.

There are many ways to re-purpose common items found throughout your home. All it requires is a bit of creativity!