The Brotherhood’s media


The Muslim Brotherhood launched a number of satellite channels, newspapers, and websites in Qatar and Turkey. It came to own a series of mass media channels, seeking the assistance of Al-Jazeera’s school and its various companies. It also sought the help of a number of Egyptian media personalities who accepted to play the role in exchange for dollars delivered by Qatar and the Brotherhood.

The former Israeli parliamentarian Azmy Bishara was the spearhead of this system. He was a ’1948 Arab’ and a member at the Israeli Knesset. He fled from Israel after the Israeli Security Forces detected his relationship with Hezbollah and monitored money transferred to him in exchange for sensitive information. After becoming one of the most prominent leaders of the 1948 Arabs, running for the position of prime minister after the direct elections following the enactment of the prime minister law, he was then on the run from Israeli Security Forces. This is when he sought the help of Qatar and offered his services to the ruling family, employing the skills he had gained during his study in Germany. They founded a research centre for him, which was more of a cover up behind which Bishara worked to recruit writers and intellectuals to serve the Qatari ruling family.

Following the fall of the Brotherhood’s rule in Egypt, leaders and cadres from the Brotherhood left the country in droves, accompanied by those who sold themselves for Qatar’s cash. They were divided between Qatar and Turkey and set up satellite channels like Rab’aa, Mekameleen, Al Sharq and Masr Al ‘An. They opened these channels to a number of personalities affiliated with the Brotherhood, which fit the former’s agenda and interests. Watching these channels reveals how they do not present media content that we know of and are accustomed to, but rather carry the role of abetting their position throughout the day just like Al-Jazeera Mubasher. These channels also insult and defame people, as well as direct obscene swear words to symbols of the Egyptian state and its institutions. One of the most important examples that attests to this statement is a person called Mohamed Nasser, who solely offends religions, Egypt and Egyptian symbols. No one has escaped his offences for he announced his unbelief of the Islam of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed El-Tayyeb, and he directed offenses inundated with obscene swear words while talking about Pope Tawadros II. He also defamed and cursed Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and urged and called for killing officers and kidnapping their children.

Turbaned sheikhs wearing Al-Azhar’s attire show up on screens to insult Egypt and Egyptians alike. They call for spilling the blood of figures of the Egyptian state. A number of Egyptian media personalities who were not previously known to be in affiliation with the Brotherhood, have also joined the defamation race; a direct result of their greed for money delivered by the Brotherhood and the Qatari ruling family. The screens of these channels continued to host demented criminals and killers like Tarek Al-Zommor and Assem Abdel-Maged, who today talk about freedom and democracy.

An critical view of the Brotherhood’s media, which is currently being broadcast from Qatar and Turkey, reveals that it is a new media presented by a group of criminals and killers who are on the run, in addition to the fact that the language they use is obscene and comes in the form of insults, defamation, and fatwas calling for the spilling of blood.

Emad Gad is vice president of Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies.