The conspiracy theory – Al-Tahrir News Network


Conspiracy theories are a part of human history and an important factor in international relations, whether a country is large or small. It is not only in international relations but also within any country’s local politics. What is important here is to put ‘conspiracy theory’ in its place to avoid exaggerating and using it to explain every event or development.

Conspiracies occur independently in international relations and within political systems. They exist between friendly countries and allies, and obviously among competing and hostile countries. The problem arises when you become a prisoner to conspiracy theories. Then the conspiracy becomes the first, if not the only, explanation for every event and development around us. The danger of this increases when the political system deliberately spreads conspiracy theories to the public. The people as a whole end up as hostages to this ‘theory’ and see the world from only one angle, that of being conspired against.

Western media has spread the idea that Arabs are gripped by conspiracy theories, and that they have become an integral component of Arab culture, blaming their problems on the idea that others are conspiring against them. Some have even presented Arab culture as a model of a society that is based on conspiracy theories. Conspiracies are an important part of Arab thinking but there are some other factors to be taken into consideration. Firstly, there is the reality of international conspiracies which the Arab world has experienced, and secondly, there is the employment of conspiracy theories by several Arab leaders to increase their popularity, while also delaying obligations related to political development or democracy until ‘foreign conspiracies’ have been dealt with first.

Despite this, we cannot say that Arabs adhere to conspiracy theories or that they dominate and control Arab thinking and culture. The theory exists to a certain extent as it has historical justification and is also employed by some Arab leaders.

If we want to speak of conspiracy ideas that are established in the culture of a people we will not find anything that surpasses Zionist thinking, based on their absolute belief in their own superiority and intelligence. Therefore, Jews in many countries are the target of hatred by others. According to Zionist beliefs, Jewish people will continue to suffer from conspiracies by others – the Gentiles – unless they immigrate to Palestine, the Promised Land, living with their Jewish brothers and founding their independent state.

Zionist thinking is built entirely on conspiracy theories. In spite of this, western media would not dare accuse the Zionists of being obsessed by conspiracy theories. Since the foundation of the Zionist movement by Theodore Herzl during the first Zionist conspiracy in Basel, Switzerland in 1898, the conspiracy theory has occupied an integral position of the project to found the Jewish State on a piece of Palestinian land.

In this instance, the Arabs were subjected to a major conspiracy, a result of the Zionist movement’s cooperation with western capitals that include Paris, London and Washington.