The last thing Obama needs is a marriage crisis


Lately, when we see Obama on TV, we only see his depressed face trying to conceal feelings of sadness and failure. Whenever his wife Michelle appears next to him, she is more often looking angry and exasperated. They hardly ever look at each other.

In fact, recent pictures show what both cannot hide: their strained relationship. Rumour also has it that they intend to get a divorce. This means that Obama has failed in politics as well as marriage. Another rumour has also made the rounds that Obama tried to commit suicide once, maybe because his feeling of failure was double.

The wife of the president is supposed to be his closest unofficial advisor and the keenest advocate of his credibility. But how can a wife and husband cooperate and share if the wife is refusing to see her husband and rejecting his personality or, even further, if she does not respect his professional ambition or his total selfishness, as is the case with Michelle? It is also possible that the wife can be the major obstacle in his life because she gives him a hard time and affects his psychological state along with his political decisions.

It is unfair to say that Michelle Obama shoulders the responsibility of her husband’s failure. Obama has a large team of official assistants who are responsible for taking political decisions. There is also Congress, which has the right to accept or refuse those decisions. We cannot say that the wives of all those men are responsible for their failure.

The fact is that there is a failure that even the media admits. For example, the New York Times says that Obama’s behaviour and actions are significantly deviating to the extent that it became destructive to his Democratic Party. The Guardian confirms that his colleagues in the party abandoned him, while Fox News says he uses a policy of fear and intimidation as a key element to impose his decisions. A new poll indicates that Americans are scared of Obama’s policies, especially with regard to raising taxes and job losses. They also fear him because he represents a change that is no longer accepted. According to Voice of America, Obama is not fighting Ebola as much as he is trying to contain the political damage caused by the emergence of the virus in the US.

I will not go further into the failure of his domestic policies. It is enough what Americans say about the Obamacare health project and the economy there.

Failure is also chasing Obama’s foreign policies in which he solely relied on his own view of what the world should be instead of the reality. This view made him subject to sharp criticism and made the US lose its standing. For instance, Obama is facing an awkward situation because of his wrong policies; his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood to spread chaos in Egypt and the whole Middle East under the name of the ‘Arab Spring’. His weak strategies strengthened Iran which is now fomenting regional conflicts through Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthis in Yemen, Shiite sectors in Bahrain and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Syria and Turkey. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, it has almost collapsed and is on the brink of civil war after the withdrawal of US forces. Obama is also facing accusations of straining relations with many countries. He is accused of meddling in China’s internal affairs and stirring up unrest in Hong Kong. He is interfering in North Korea, Egypt and the Ukraine’s affairs as well. However, the US cannot be an effective world power unless it knows where it is heading. This is why Obama’s foreign policy should depend on a clear strategy that enables him to make the right decisions. But can he do that while he’s in the middle of a marriage crisis?