The Palestinian Holocaust


The word holocaust comes from the Greek “holokauston” which means “sacrifice by fire to gods” or “burnt offering”. But now the word has expanded to the broader sense of genocide to a race or a group of people, because of their religion, colour or any other less significant reason.

The Jews kept the term “holocaust” to themselves alone to describe the Nazi crimes against them during World War II. Therefore, Nazis’ gas chambers and concentration camps in European countries under their control, especially in Poland, were solid evidence of those crimes which was well traded on by the Jews.

According to the Zionist viewpoint, the holocaust was an exceptional crime committed against exceptional people. Israel and the Zionists characterised the holocaust as unique, as if the Jews were the only group or race that have suffered from this heinous crime.

After World War II Zionism used this crime to blackmail the whole world. Germany in particular was subject to extortion and was forced to pay huge compensation to the descendants of the victims and to Israel. The Jewish state claims it represents all the Jews in the world, so it is entitled to get the compensation as well.

Now the Jews who were once victims have become the worst culprits. They imitated the Nazis’ appalling crimes when they carried out their aggression against Gaza. Their assault on Gaza is still under way, putting to death children, women and old people in cold-blooded massacres that have sparked widespread condemnation by the international community.

The aggression on Gaza is not an exception in Israel’s history. Israel is responsible for many massacres since its establishment in 1948, and even before that date. Clear examples of the Jewish state’s violence were the massacres committed against Palestinians in Kafr Qasim and Deir Yaseen and others carried out against nearby Arab states.

The question that should be dealt with now is whether the Palestinians have the right to appeal to the international community to apply the concept of holocaust on them. The Palestinians should stand up for their right to call upon the world to view them as the victims, while dealing with the Jews as the executioners who are cast in the same mould as the Nazis. Palestinians should bear in mind that the EU parliament recognised the holocaust against the Armenians in Turkey in 1915 in response to increasing demands pressed by the Armenians.

Civil society and human rights organisations can pave the way for that particular Palestinian demand through the recording of Israeli war crimes. This can be done in cooperation with the Palestinian civil society organisations and human rights advocates all over the world to support the legal, humanitarian and political struggle of the Palestinian people.