The Tor des Géants: The toughest endurance trail


The Tor des Géants (or The Tour of the Giants) is the toughest endurance trail in the world in terms of resistance and altitude.

The non-competitive race goes across the entire Valle d’Aosta in Italy, starting and finishing in Courmayeur-Mont Blanc.

It is held every year in September and this year’s race will take place from September 7th to 14th for more than 700 runner-mountaineers.

At the foot of the highest peaks of the Alps, they will cross 30 lakes and 25 mountain passes at over 2,000 m, over a distance of 330 km and covering an altitude of 24,000 m.

The participants will go through stunning naturalistic parks and paths, and will be surrounded, throughout their race, by the highest peaks of Europe: “The giants!”

Perfect physical conditions, both cardiovascular and motor, energy and hard training for the mountaineers with only a loaded pack to pass through the highest altitudes.

Have a look at the European Giants!

Mont Blanc-Monte Bianco (photo: QG Italia)

The Matterhorn-Monte Cervino (photo: Ski-Zermatt)

Monte Rosa (photo: Archive)

Gran Paradiso (photo: Summit Post)