The Western media and their biased, one-sided coverage of Gaza – Al-Tahrir News Network


Reporting on the fighting between Hamas and Israel is anything but impartial.

Since the beginning of the latest round of fighting which started last week when Israel launched a military offensive known as Operation Protective Edge on the besieged Gaza Strip Western media outlets have unleashed their propaganda, polishing Israel’s image and as usual portraying the oppressor as the oppressed.

A prime example of this was when ABC anchor Diane Sawyer “mistook” Palestinians for Israelis when she reported that the victims seen on the station’s TV screen were trying to salvage what they could from the ruins of their home, and how a woman with a hijab on was speechless when she saw the damage done to her house.

Although Sawyer admitted her mistake, saying that she “misidentified” the people in the picture, the 30-second correction run by ABC did not do justice to the suffering the Palestinian people are enduring from the Israeli airstrikes.

The BBC, like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, have also chosen to base their report on the rockets fired out of Gaza onto Israel – which usually land without causing damage or leaving casualties – while almost completely ignoring the casualties and damage suffered on the Palestinian side, one that does not own an Iron Dome system to intercept rockets like that of Israel.

Rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza 

American satirist Jon Stewart talked about biased media coverage on the aggression in Gaza, noting that the aerial bombardment of Gaza and Israel are not equal, as Israel is far more superior militarily.

He also highlighted the absurd difference between how Israelis and Palestinians receive warnings that a rocket is about to hit. It is so absurd that it is on a mobile app versus a smaller bombardment, Israel uses the “knock on the roof” tactic, firing a small bomb on building tops notifying civilians that a bigger strike will follow. Israelis receive notification on a mobile app that a rocket is coming their way.

Smoke billows after an explosion from an Israeli air strike in Gaza City (photo: Reuters)

Even when it comes to live reports, the correspondents on each side look completely different. Martin Fletcher, NBC’s correspondent in Tel Aviv, appears wearing a bright orange buttoned down shirt, while Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Gaza, wore a bullet proof vest. Nothing was more telling of the scene on the ground than this image.

Russia Today highlighted the clear bias in Western media outlets which choose to tell only one side of the story – the Israeli side – turning a blind eye to the suffering in the other half. They frame the scene only around the Israeli side which naturally always has the right to defend itself as the US government constantly reiterates.

Over 170 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed from Israeli air raids in Gaza. Meanwhile, it was reported that only one Israeli had been killed so far in the latest round of violence between Israel and Hamas.