The world’s first underwater store


If you dive underwater, not only will you have a chance to find treasures buried thousands of years ago, but you may also find a Sony Xperia store!

Do you remember the book we had when we were kids, that talked about all the new and interesting inventions that would happen in the future? Well, many years have gone by since then, and we still aren’t living on the moon. However, one part in the book was about people living in underwater cities. That hasn’t happened either, but Sony’s new Xperia Aquatech store is just about the closest we have come. Earlier this month, Sony opened its first-of-a-kind underwater store. But, wait! Before you put on your diving suit, there is this slight catch.

The Xperia Aquatech store was a promotional activity, carried out by the Japanese company in Dubai — or rather, 4 metres under sea level near that city. The three-day-long event aimed to demonstrate the marine capabilities of some of Sony’s water-proof devices and most of all, garner publicity.

The guest list was very short, with only competition winners, media and VIPs attending; and from the looks of it, it was nothing short of a spectacular experience.

It may have been just a gimmick, a clever marketing tool, but you have to admit it was a good one!

Attendees were required to participate in some mandatory scuba diving training and were put under the constant supervision of a diving instructor.

While it’s difficult to see what exactly was on display inside the Xperia Aquatech store, there is no doubt that Sony showed off some of its water resistant products like the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, and the Z3 Tablet Compact.

The whole endeavour looked extremely pricey and even somehow risky, but it was definitely very ‘out of the box’ and should bring about a lot of viral heat. Anyhow, it looks like Sony is ready to take the shopping experience to a new level by opening this underwater Xperia Aquatech store. In all likelihood this won’t be a common trend going forward, as it will be very difficult to apply on other products, and, going underwater is not that easy for everyone.

The underwater store experience itself was more of a technical demo by a company representative. Arguably, Sony couldn’t have picked a better setting to make it as convincing and engaging as possible.