Thousands of fans mourn Iranian singer Morteza Pashaei


Thousands of fans gathered on Sunday across the streets of Tehran to mourn the death of beloved Morteza Pashaei.

Morteza Pashaei (photo: farskids605)

The 30-year-old famous pop singer died on 14 November after a battle against stomach cancer that he had been suffering since last year.

An uncountable number of fans lined the streets of the Iranian capital on 17 November to attend the funeral at Vahdat Hall, a former opera house that many musical acts have used as a prestigious venue for their performances.

According to Press TV, Iran’s television network broadcasting in English, the turnout of people was so huge “that his body could not be transferred to its resting place and the burial had to be postponed to a later time”.

Thousands of Iranians gatherd in Tehran on November 16, 2014, to mourn the death of popular pop star Morteza Pashaei (photo:

The New York Times reports that the crowds “were among the largest in Iran since the mass protests over the disputed 2009 elections”.


(photo: Twitter)

(photo: rferl)

Throngs of people, holding candles, crying and singing his songs, tried to reach the coffin draped with the Iranian flag which was carried across the centre of the city while other gatherings took to the streets in other cities to mourn the beloved Pashaei though reportedly resulting in some clashes and arrests.

Pashaei studied graphic design but his passion for music began since he was young, when he began playing the guitar.

The innovative singer, author of the famous ‘Yeki Hast’ track from 2010, began his career in 2009, just four years before being diagnosed with cancer.

Known for his romantic songs, the late singer appeared several times on Iranian television until he was last seen on the screen wearing a hat while opening up about his illness.

Despite his worsening physical condition, he continued to perform publicly, gracing his admirers in Tehran for the last time with a concert last month.