Tips for a stress-free wedding – Al-Tahrir News Network


It is common that as a couple gets closer to the big wedding day, they feel nervous and stressed, and for good reason! But a successful ceremony is not only the result of good planning and meticulous organisation. It is the atmosphere of the day that counts the most.

So here are some useful tips to reduce and manage your stress.

1. Don’t listen to criticism

Don’t pay attention to criticism and judgement, because everyone will have something to say, and anyone can create problems out of nothing. The big day doesn’t necessarily have to be the happiest day of our lives. It is natural to have expectations and to envision the series of events in a veneer of ultimate perfection, but it would be better that the bride and groom (especially the bride!) try to relax and let go of any idealistic assumptions about how it should go. Have no expectations: it will work to reduce stress. Keep in mind these first psychological tips to minimise your headaches.

At all costs, avoid turning into a “Bridezilla”. Keep your cool, and mind your manners! (photo: Archive)

2. Plan beforehand

Having plenty of time is crucial to ensure that every detail of the day is planned beforehand. Don’t procrastinate on anything because good organisation will naturally help you relax.

Plan beforehand (photo: Lera Blog)

3. Assess regularly

People will offer all sorts of suggestions. Know what you can deal with and whom you can count on for help and support, but in the end, don’t forget to listen to your feelings and make the day the way you want it, devoid of how you think you should want it.

People you can count on (photo: Rosie Hannah)

4. Don’t lose touch with your fiancée

You will find sources of stress everywhere, feel overwhelmed and anxious, have concerns about the wedding day and the life changing events to come. Manage your stress, eliminate your worries and save time for romantic moments with your fiancée. Fear and nervousness are natural reactions. Make sure to share them together!

Don’t lose touch with you fiancée (photo: webdesignburn)

5. Exercise

Exercise always has positive emotional effects. Spend time outdoors, go for a walk, take care of yourself and move!

Exercise (photo: fit-woman-running-outdoors)

You won’t stop running till the wedding day, so keep running but keep a light heart during the rush: the goal is to enjoy yourself!

As your wedding day nears, make sure to follow these tips to make sure you have a heavenly experience that is stress-free as you embark on your new life together!