Top 10 travel destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve


If you are planning to spend a brilliant New Year’s Eve but still have to come up with a tempting idea, here are some useful and inspirational travel tips that may help you figure out where to celebrate the last day of the year.

1. Sydney, Australia

(photo: Reuters)

Sydney is known to be “The New Year’s Eve capital of the World” for the spectacular fireworks which are displayed over the city’s wonderful harbour. The event is set behind an illuminated Sydney Opera House with a colourful backdrop of bright night sky and a lively boat parade during the two firework displays.

Of course, a dance party along the world’s most famous stretch of sand, Bondi Beach, is included in the celebrations after midnight.

2. Paris, France

(photo: cadran-hotel-gourmand)

A romantic and amazing “Bonne Année” will be wished in Paris through the Eiffel Tower light show at midnight. Despite the cold weather, you can heat things up at parties located throughout the city, including Trocadero, Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur.

Those who prefer celebrating with an intimate party can have a boat cruise along the Seine. Otherwise, you will have the chance to crazily stroll around the city celebrating among the throngs of people while making rounds at clubs and bars. Partying must be accompanied by lots of white wine and, of course, Champagne.

3. Times Square, New York

(photo: diwali2014fest)

A televised New Year’s Eve in Times Squares could be another potential option as to welcome the New Year. You will find yourself counting down the seconds to midnight surrounded by the most brightly lighted buildings and a huge crowd of excited people waiting for the ball drop. At 11:59 pm, a huge glittering ball will start a slow descent down a flagpole, leading the final sixty second countdown to reach the bottom at the stroke of midnight when the lights on the ball will be turned off as the “2015” numerals burst to shine above Times Square.

The ball drop (photo: pagesay)

A ton of colourful confetti will be dropped from the rooftops of buildings onto the party-goers accompanied by pyrotechnic light effects. The party has started and…keep your eyes open as big celebrities could be around!

(photo: movingto newyrok)

4. Mexico City, Mexico

(photo: enjoyfestivals)

Outdoor celebrations start at 9 pm, after most Mexicans have pre-welcomed the New Year with their families during a long dinner. But of course, after that, anyone finds excuses to escape and party somewhere.

While sharing the Mexican tradition of eating 12 grapes when the countdown begins, you can join the Mexican fiesta partying in the street festivals which come alive with colourful confetti, fireworks, dancing and traditional music.

If you want to be a part of the real Mexican celebration ahead of New Year’s Eve, you better head to the Zócalo, the city’s main square, where the party doesn’t stop until the early morning hours. Colourful and exotic cocktails will help you to get in the Mexican party mood…and we’re sure you definitely will.

(photo: abstract.desktopnexus)

Otherwise, you can choose from a long list of nightclubs where you will probably get some inspiration from the natives’ hot and tempting dance moves.

5. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

(photo: discoverbrazil)

Fireworks and…sun, sand and people. What else? It isn’t the Brazilian carnival but New Year’s Eve at Copacabana Beach! Women don’t need to worry about their dresses, hair and make-up because everyone just needs to wear white for the ‘Reveillon’.

(photo: almaoupoeta)

If Brazil has always been synonymous with music, party, beaches, happiness and fun, let’s try to imagine what it is like on New Year’s Eve.

So put on something white and get ready to dance on four kilometres of open-air partying, taking some breaks with drinks, sandwiches and fruits before dawn, when you will have your first dip in the sea of the year.

6. Hawaii, United States

(photo: boston)

It you are still up for a summery mood on the last day of the year, Brazil isn’t the only destination as Hawaii offers a sultry alternative. If you would love to celebrate in a summer-themed manner, Hawaii is the perfect place to spend New Year’s Eve as it offers you a vast selection of beaches which have already planned your party in their bars and clubs.

Outdoor music concerts and boat cruises will also make you stay up until the wee hours of the night after spending your day snorkelling or chilling out on the beach to get a rest before the crazy night party. So…if it’s all about beaches, party and flower necklaces, the answer is simple: Hawaii!

(photo: skaistairjauniba)

7. Moscow, Russia

(photo: boston)

If you’re into extremely cold weather, sipping vodka, and partying hard, then Moscow might be the perfect New Year’s Eve destination. A huge party will take place on one of the coldest nights of the year so you better wear the warmest coat you have as temperatures can fall to -30 degrees Celsius.

The illustrious city will be entirely decorated with a backdrop of spectacular midnight fireworks which will deliver their best display over the sky of the Red Square, where vibrant lights will make iconic buildings and monuments, such as the famous cathedrals, the Kremlin and Lenin’s mausoleum bright while offering the most beautiful setting.

Moscow will definitely be the most perfect destination for a winter holiday with the best and biggest party organised in the main square, though possibly covered in snow.

8. Las Vegas, United States

(photo: entertainment)

Ring in the New Year and party in Las Vegas. It is not a dream, you can make it! All the Vegas strip will be closed down to prevent traffic in lieu of letting the over 300,000 visitors to crowd every single corner while dancing throughout the night in their crazy and silly clothes and hats.

Spectacular fireworks will erupt from casino roofs across the city half an hour before they will re-open their doors to party-goers.

(photo: paylessbg)

It will be quite expensive, but if you’re up for an indoor party, you better remember one hour before midnight strikes as casinos will keep their doors closed stopping people from letting them in from 11.00 pm to 12:30 pm.

Fremont Street is the second most famous street in Las Vegas, after the Vegas strip, which will offer you free live entertainment with lights and sound shows.

9. London, England

(photo: 360opps)

New Year’s Eve on the banks of the River Thames sounds bloody good, doesn’t it? It might be a bit expensive but…it happens once a year so you might as well afford it.

While surrounded by thousands of people who will probably help you stay warm, the Big Ben will lead the countdown until the last strike when elaborate fireworks will make the sky ablaze.

(photo: timeout)

It is quite a tempting backdrop considering that afterwards all kinds of celebrations and parties will start throughout the crazy night before the traditional three-hour parade is held. Taking place on New Year’s Day, it features dancers, acrobats, cheerleaders, musicians and performers marching along the streets of the heart of the city for a colourful celebration.

10. Istanbul, Turkey

(photo: blog.skiddoo)

Thousands of people will gather in Taksim Square and Istiklal Street in the centre of Istanbul for a unique and special celebration.

As being the city’s most famous square, Taksim will definitely be packed so partying in Nişantası or Kadıköy also offer massive celebrations if you want to join an outdoor bash.

You can watch the fireworks from a wide array of locations but the Faith district will offer you the best display.

Instead of partying along the streets, which will be entirely decorated with lights and allow you to partake in Turkish rituals with people around you, you can also choose the dinner-parties that restaurants, hotels and clubs have planned for you and which usually come with a sweet deal of unlimited drinks.

Fireworks on the historic waters of the Bosphorous (photo: fotifireworks)

And as the latest tip…the Bosphorus cruise must to be mentioned. Whether you go for something romantic or not, traditional music, lights, the bridge and the Bosphorus sound perfect for a beautiful and special backdrop which will be even more stunning and charming after spending an unforgettable night.

(photo: newyear)

Get it while it’s good! And we wish you a most excellent and happy New Year!