Top five destinations for a perfect late summer getaway to Sinai – Al-Tahrir News Network


The perfect season to enjoy Sinai’s beauty starts now with many activities to do and so much nature to see and bond with.

1- Ras Sudr

Ras Sudr is a remote, relatively underdeveloped Red Sea town, only two hours away from Cairo. It is well known for its windy weather and beautiful sea.  

More and more people are raving about kite surfing, an activity to enjoy at Kiteloop, a kite surfing camp that has many other activities to enjoy such as wake boarding and stand-up paddling . 

Kiteloop Camp offers spacious Caribbean-styled beach front bungalows nestled along a stretch of turquoise sea. With only a few steps from the restful and airy ambience of your bedroom to the warm sands and pristine waters, you are guaranteed to be energised ahead of an exciting day of kite surfing along the lagoon, accompanied by dolphins. 

Mouth-watering Egyptian cuisine will be served on the beach, beneath swaying palm trees with the panoramic sea view as the perfect backdrop, cooked to order by the talented chef. In the evening join fellow campers under the starry skies for a cosy and relaxing evening.

It is also known for therapeutic tourism, where people visit Oyoun Moussa and Hamam Pharoan to enjoy soaking in the most sulphuric water in the world.

Hamam Pharoan is a sulphuric spring of 27 degrees, where the water flows directly from the mountain. It has been proven that these springs can cure a number of diseases such as rheumatism and severe skin diseases, among others. 

Surfing activities at Kiteloop Camp

Hamam Pharoan

Hamam Pharoan

2- Sharm El-Sheikh

Located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El-Sheikh is a busy tourist city all year round. Mainly known for diving, Sharm El-Sheikh is the ultimate destination for many eco tourists who travel to discover the underwater world. 

Sharm El-Sheikh is also known for its nightlife with many restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and shops to visit. The bustling hive in Sharm is Neama Bay, the heart of the city. Also, El Fanar is known to host beach parties during the week.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh Desert

 3- Dahab

About an hours drive from Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab is one of the most treasured cities to visit in Sinai.

With many activities to enjoy such as diving at the blue hole or going fishing, Dahab is also famous for its safaris.

You can go quad biking to Wadi Qunai where you can drink tea, eat, and listen to music as you enjoy a night with Bedoiuns.

For foreigners, trips to Palestine and Jordan may be arranged! 

fishing in Dahab

Blue Hole, Dahab

Dahab dive trip

The Southern Oasis – Wadi Qunai – Dahab – Sinai

safaris in Wadi Qunai (photo: dahabsafari)

Sand Buggy in Dahab

4- Ras Mohamed 

Ras Mohamed is unquestionably one of the world’s best dive sites.

Right at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula lies Ras Mohamed. A paradise for divers and snorkellers, with its spectacular coral formations and rare tropical fish it is unparalleled in the diving world.

It was declared a national protectorate in 1989, lying only 12 kilometres from Sharm El-Sheikh and 40 kilometres from Al-Tor, Ras Mohamed Park covers 480 square kilometres.

An eye-catcher as snorkellers and divers arrive in Ras Mohamed is the Mangrove Channel. This area is home to nearly 50 per cent of the mangrove trees to be found in the northern hemisphere.

The mangrove plant is ecologically phenomenal, as it works to sweeten sea water, thus enabling more marine life forms to exist around it.

Located between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, Ras Mohamed is known for its crystal clear water where thousands of coloured tropical fish swim, coral reefs, and natural reserves. Ras Mohammed National Park is one of Egypt’s most popular dive and snorkelling sites.

There you can also see the ‘Earth Crack’, a fissure that happened during an earthquake thousands of years ago.

Also worth seeing is the Magic Lake, a beautiful salt water lake formed by a sand bank from the Red Sea.

Ras Mohamed crack

Climbing in the top  Ras Mohamed

Diver by a coral reef with Anthias fish Rsa Mohamed

Ras Mohamed camping

Ras Mohamed camping

5- Saint Catherine

Located at the outskirts of Al-Tur mountains is most famous for the spiritual and cultural tours, with many holy sites to visit such as the Saint Catherine Monastery and the biblical Mount Sinai.

There are also areas dedicated to yoga and meditation such as Hamatat el Bada, a secluded basin above Wadi Arbain, with a view of Jabal Mousa.

Saint Catherine

Habib Beach (El Tur) mountain

Wadi el Arbain

Mount Sinai