Travel destinations for your autumn holidays – Al-Tahrir News Network


Are you planning an autumn holiday? Now is the time to choose your travel destination!

If you’re planning on taking a much needed autumn holiday, September and October are the perfect months to visit global destinations including some of the best European and Asian capitals to beat the crowded beaches and miss out on high-season rates.

Here is an exciting selection of incredible destinations to visit for your autumn holidays.

· Italy

Need I say more? Visit the Italian beaches of Puglia, Calabria and Sicily to enjoy their charm with calm and serenity after the tourists leave. These and many others along the Mediterranean Sea offer you unforgettable moments to spend your holidays before the onset of a chilly winter.

Sicily beach (photo: Cntraveller)

· Greece

Greece’s temperate climate will make your days memorable, especially if you’re staying on of the country’s fabulous beaches, rated among the top destinations in Europe (and the world!) with their hidden bays and crystal-clean waters.

Crete Island and other islands will allow you to visit archeological places while also enjoying the beach, sand and fresh air on the coastline.

· Turkey

After the summer’s temperatures begin to dwindle, you will find Turkey as a perfect destination to spend your days in its long, golden, sandy coast beaches. Antalya is a peaceful city situated on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains which are saturated with historical monuments, attractions and picturesque beauties.

Antalya (photo: Antalya-magnificent-city.blogspot)

· Bavaria in Germany

A totally different holiday for those who don’t love beaches but prefer enjoying the traditional days and atmosphere of Rosenheim Beer Fest (September) and Oktoberfest in Monaco of Bavaria (September 20 to October 5). Everyone knows that picturesque views go hand-in-hand with a craft beverage! They rank among the biggest and most popular beer festivals worldwide.  If you are looking for fun, folklore, pretzel, sausages and beer mugs, this is definitely the right place to go.

Bavaria (photo: Telegraph)

· Algarve in Portugal

The southernmost region of Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its beaches, Mediterranean climate and cuisine. It offers historical attractions, limestone caves and grottoes, cliffs and a hot nightlife.

Algarve (photo: Classic-collection)

· Morocco

The first weeks of fall are the best moments to visit the North Africa, especially Morocco, where the temperatures will still be high but far from sweltering. The fascinating and magical region will give you memorable moments in its desert, mountains, valleys, sea and nature that is in close proximity to its major cities.

Morocco (photo: Travelanthropist)

· Beijing in China

Autumns is the best time to visit the capital of China because it boasts warm days and cool nights. Beijing offers an adventurous holiday to spend among its wealthy palaces, temples, parks, gardens, tombs and walls. Pagodas, architectural styles and a certainly new oriental atmosphere will fill your journey.

Beijing (photo: Cntraveller)