Travel light, keep it stylish


What is one of the hardest parts for a pragmatic fashionista when preparing for a journey?

Packing, of course.

Anyone who has travelled knows that shoes take up too much space, and packing winter coats is a sub-zero nightmare.

So how can you get the chic, on-the-go with just a tiny roller-suitcase?  Here are some tips on what to bring, and what to leave behind.

1. Scarves

Call them shawls, call them pashminas, whatever you like. But these strips of print can completely transform an outfit. A light cotton wrap during the day gives the relaxed shabby chic look, and can also offer some warmth if the shade or air-conditioning makes your hair stand. Make a simple dress a fanciful show-stopper with an elegant printed silk scarf.

A scarf can transform an outfit. Around the neck or around the cranium, the possibilities are endless.

2. Jewellery

Read above. The most simple clothes can be completely revamped with a statement piece of costume jewellery.

Whatever your style, a statement piece can turn up the volume on the most mundane clothes.

3. Don’t overload on the undergarments

It may not be the most glamorous idea, but consider travel wash. No need to pack enough socks etc. for each day you are gone. Pack enough for half the days, and wash them in the sink or shower when you’ve got a spare minute. There are lots of products available to help out, such as travel detergents (if you don’t want to just use shampoo…), and special bags that help scrub out the grit.

Hang clothes to dry outside, on a radiator, or on the backs of chairs.

If you are going on an Arctic adventure, consider the following:

Wear your biggest coat while you travel!

Yes, you may overheat in the process, but you’ll be glad you have the spare space in your suitcase, and you’ll appreciate the gear when you face the cold upon arrival.

American socialite Olivia Palermo in a stylish winter puffy jacket

Likewise, wear your biggest boots while in transport. It may be a hassle to remove them (if you need to a the airport), but those clunkers can take up much needed space!

Some fashionable alternatives to plain old winter boots

With the space you save in your baggage, throw in a chunky cable-knit scarf.

To change it up a bit, pack a lighter-weight jacket, but layer a hooded-sweatshirt underneath for a grunge-chic vibe while keeping you super snug. An “oldy but a goody”, this style has pieces will be versatile for variations in the climate.

You can get jackets that have incorporated hoods, but go for a slightly larger size jacket and layer your favourite hooded sweatshirt underneath.

Work the hat! The same jacket and boots can become very redundant, but an innovative winter hat can breath new, refreshing life into an ensemble.

Hats can add drama and style to any outfit. Go for a hood/hat, a chunky knit classic, or an elegant turban (photos:

Revamp a classic style in a bold colour like this red beanie (photo: REX)

Invest in a coat you love.

It is easy to find just any coat that will keep you warm. But to find a coat that makes you feel cozy while also making you feel fashionable is a crucial find for your winter expeditions!

Unconventional cuts and collars can add real class and personality to a coat. You can also skip the grey, black, blue, and camel palettes altogether, and go for a less common colour.

Whether you’re bundling up or letting it all go, pack smart to get the most out of your belongings.

Have other ideas? Share them in the comments below. Safe travels!