UAE president greets Al-Sisi on anniversary of 6 October victory – Al-Tahrir News Network


President of the Urab Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Khalifa led the congratulatory cables to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi on Sunday as Egyptians celebrated the 41st anniversary of the glorious victory of the 6th October war against Israel.

The UAE president was among many Arab leaders to congratulate his Egyptian counterpart, emphasising unity among the two countries and other Arab nations, state news agency Wam, reported.

Egypt and Syria launched a surprise joint attack on Israel on the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur on 6 October, 1973, which ended with a ceasefire on 25 October, 1973.

Sheikh Khalifa said: “This glorious occasion has drawn a path filled with hope and high national spirit among the Egyptian people and the Arab nation, which also inspired them with lessons regarding current challenges facing the Arab nation and requires all of us to unite to face them, particularly terrorism, which has become an international phenomenon, in addition to preserving the Arab world’s capabilities and people from its surrounding threats.

“A strong and prosperous Egypt represents the Arab’s biggest strategic strength.”

Sheikh Khalifa also hailed Egypt for confronting all challenges and restoring strongly its natural position amid these challenges.

“On this national occasion, we pray to Allah Almighty to have mercy on those martyrs during the war of dignity and pride, who provided the best meanings of glory and sacrifice, we also wish you Mr President good luck achieving the aspirations of the Egyptian people for more progress, welfare and prosperity, in order to maintain your prestigious stature among countries of the world.”

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has also sent a cable to Al-Sisi greeting him on the occasion of the anniversary.

In his cable, Sheikh Sultan extended his sincere and best wishes to the Arab Republic of Egypt on this historic occasion, which marks the Egyptian people’s acts of heroism and sacrifice that restored confidence in the Arab world.