UK blacklists two Kuwaitis suspected of funding terrorist groups – Al-Tahrir News Network


Two Kuwaitis have been added to the UK’s official sanctions list for allegedly channeling funds to the Islamic State, The Telegraph reported.

One of the financiers, Abd al-Rahman Khalaf “Ubayd Juday” Al-Anizi, is suspected of paying foreign fighters to travel to Syria and Iraq. The other, Shafi Sultan Mohammed al-Ajmi, “also purchased and smuggled arms” on behalf of the Al-Nusra Front, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda operating in Syria.

Both men were identified by the US Treasury in August as “key terrorist financiers” and listed as Specially Designated Global Terrorists. In a statement, the US said the men had funded terrorists fighting in Iraq and Syria through fundraising appeals run on social media websites and through financial networks.

The two men were added to the UK Treasury’s sanctions list on October 9, and the updated list was made public on Friday.

The UK Treasury had also added a former Qatari diplomat, Abd Al-Rahman Bin Umayr Al-Nuaymi, to its sanctions list this month, for funding a number of terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Al-Shabab in Somalia, and other militant groups in the Middle East.

According to British daily The Telegraph, many wealthy individuals in the Gulf region have funded terrorist groups. Critics have also said that Arab leaders have either chosen to ignore the matter or are complicit in the funding of the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.