UK’s Cameron announces plan to combat British jihadists – Al-Tahrir News Network


British Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed plans put in place by UK authorities to combat potential British jihadists.

The new plans involve barring and potentially seizing the passports of British citizens who travel to Syria or Iraq in order to wage jihad.

“Passports are not an automatic right,” Cameron said to lawmakers during a meeting in the House of Commons.

“We have all been shocked and sickened by the barbarism we have witnessed in Iraq this summer,” Cameron said to British MPs.

“The widespread slaughter of Muslims by fellow Muslims, the vicious persecution of religious minorities such as Christians and Yazidis, the enslavement and raping of women and, of course, the beheading of American journalist James Foley with the voice of what seems to have been a British terrorist recorded on that video.”

Still from a video showing a masked Islamic State militant – believed to be a British national – executing US journalist James Foley (photo: Reuters)

The new measures come as concerns are rising over the seemingly high number of British would-be jihadists travelling to the Middle East to fight for the Islamic State (formerly ISIL) extremist organisation, who wish to impose their draconian version of Islam on those who live under their control.

The UK recently raised its terror threat level from “substantial”, which indicates that there is “a strong possibility” of a terror attack, to “severe”, meaning that an attack is “highly likely”.

Cameron said that anti-terror measures will also include “stronger locational constraints” on those who are under police investigation.