UN: Islamic State burying children alive, selling others into sex slavery


The Islamic State militant group is crucifying children and burying them alive in Iraq, while selling others into sex slavery, according to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

“We are really deeply concerned at torture and murder of those children, especially those belonging to minorities, but not only from minorities,” said committee expert Renate Winter. “The scope of the problem is huge.”

The militant group, which follows an extremist brand of Sunni Islam, has been targeting members of other religious groups or sects, including other Sunnis.

“Children of minorities have been captured in many places…sold in the market place with tags, price tags on them, they have been sold as slaves,” Winter said.

Winter added that the jihadists are also exploiting children in carrying out terrorist attacks.

“We have had reports of children, especially children who are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding,” Winter told Reuters. “There was a video placed [online] that showed children at a very young age, approximately eight years of age and younger, to be trained already to become child soldiers.”