US child found imprisoned in father’s house after being missing for 4 years


A boy in the US state of Georgia was found behind a false wall in his father’s house four years after he was reported missing.

The 13-year-old boy, whose parents were separated, had a teary reunion with his mother after police found him hidden behind a false wall in his father’s garage in Jonesboro, located in Georgia’s capital of Atlanta.

Police had been called to the house to perform a welfare check after the boy had reportedly used a phone to contact his mother, who then contacted police.

“Upon initial arrival, responding officers made contact with several occupants at the location who denied having knowledge of any information concerning the victim,” said Clayton County police Sgt Kevin Hughes. “After a brief search of the premises, the officers left without locating the victim.”

After leaving the house, police then received another call which prompted them to perform another search of the premises.

“While at the location during the second call, the victim was able to establish phone contact with his mother and she in turn passed on additional information to the officers on the scene,” Hughes said. “The victim was found behind a false wall within the residence.”

The boy’s father and stepmother received charges of false imprisonment and cruelty to children (photo: ABC News)

Police officers at the scene recounted what happened.

“We opened the compartment where he was,” Clayton County Police Sgt Joanna Southerland told ABC News. “I saw him and asked him to come forward and he was horrified. He was frozen with fear.”

Police have arrested the boy’s father, 37-year-old Gregory Jean, along with four other suspects including the boy’s stepmother, 42-year-old Samantha Joy Davis. The suspects have been charged with offences including false imprisonment and cruelty to children.